喜羊羊与灰太狼:Here Comes the Wolf – The First Episode

And here is the English. Definitely not better in English. In fact, this show in English loses all it charm once translated. I explained why in my essay. Anyways, enjoy!

Here Comes the Wolf Part I

In the year 3010 of the Sheep Calendar
The forebearer to first take charge in the first generation of soft sheep herd
The village leader Puffball, in order to escape the marauding wolves
Brought his people to a green grassy plain.
And at that time when the pack of wolves were chasing the them from the forest to the grassy plain
The village leader Puffball had ordered a tall, tall gate to be erected at the edge of the bridge
The leader of the wolves, Big Brute Force Wolf, and his pack of hungry wolves
Did every possible method including jumping, climbing, knocking and hitting
But were never able to pass through the steel gate
Instead, the wolves could only stare, could only gape at the scene behind the gate
Where the pack of fat sheep would sing and dance, to which they salivated
At then at some unknown time
A terrible idea from within the wolfpack came forth:

Bad Idea Wolf:
Let’s go on a diet, so once we get thin enough
We can fit through the bars of the steel gate and pass through
And then we can eat those fat lambs

Big Brute Force Wolf was probably about to faint from hunger
Because he unexpectedly agreed to this bad idea, and began to forcefully lose weight
And lose and lose…

Up until one day…

So skinny that he was just skin on bones, Big Brute Force Wolf really did succeed
And when he successfully passed through the steel gate
He unexpectedly saw…
(a rock disguised as a lamb)

Big Brute Force Wolf swallowed the rock lamb decoy and, with his mouth full of white foam, died
Under the light of a full moon

From then on, the wolf people all over the globe would spread this hungry wolf legend:
The fattest lambs on Earth were located on the green grassy plain
But there weren’t any wolves willing to take on this idea
For otherwise they would be cursed with bad luck
And so every at full moon of every month, hungry wolves commemorate Big Brute Force Wolf
By baying sorrowfully at the full moon
To this very day

In the year 3513 of the Sheep Calendar
The leader of the green grassy plain
Has already been passed to village leader Slow Lambie
At this time
Grey Wolfhound, the 250th grandson of Big Brute Force Wolf
Due to the fact that he is of low skill and unable to stay amongst the wolf pack
Is reminded of the legend of the hungry wolf
So he brought his wife, Scarlet Wolfhound
To the forest on the opposite bank of the green grassy plain
Where he saw so many fat sheep on the plain that he could not possible eat them all
And at last realized that the legend was true
And so, the war between the soft sheep and the hungry wolf
Would again unfold before our very eyes

(Here comes the wolf)

(School of Fat Sheep – end of school year celebration carnival)

Slow Lambie:
Attention students…
Attention students, tomorrow summer vacation will begin
And during vacation
You must be obedient to your parents
You must finish the summer vacation assignment, and you must pay attention when crossing the street
When you go out to play don’t stray too far

Stewy Lambie:
Beautiful Lambie, when all is said and done, when will the village head finally finish speaking?

Beautiful Lambie:
Stewie Lambie, according to the pace of Slow Lambie’s speech
At the very least it will be finished by tonight

Lazy Lambie:
And you must especially be careful
Because on the outside is a very fearful big wolf
Everybody please remember
Once you see this animal you must at once flee

Happy Lambie:
Looking at him doesn’t seem to be so dangerous

Slow Lambie:
He is very dangerous

Stewie Lambie:
It doesn’t seem like he has any attack power

Slow Lambie:
You can’t ever lower your guard

Beautiful Lambie:
Why does he seem so familiar?

Happy Lambie:
He has grow up to look a lot like Village Elder!

Stewie Lambie:
This is Village Elder when he was a kid

Village Leader Slow Lambie:
Sorry, it’s not this picture… it’s this picture
Why does it seem like you are not all here?
Who hasn’t come yet?

Beautiful Lambie:
Oh no, it’s Lazy Lambie, Lazy Lambie isn’t here

Slow Lambie:
Where is he?

Happy Lambie:
I’ll take a look-see
Village Elder, Lazy Lambie is over there sleeping

Slow Lambie:
Happy Lambie, bring him back here!

Happy Lambie:
Sure thing, Village Elder
Village Elder, he is still sleeping

Village Elder:
Really, how can this be so? He really is a Lazy Lambie just like his name!
Fetch the stink grass!

Happy Lambie:

Lazy Lambie:
Really stinky!

Scarlet Wolfhound:
Sheep, fat sheep, very fat sheep
Many very fat sheep, one two three

Grey Wolfhound:
Wife, you have no need to count
You can count for an entire year and still not finish counting

Here Comes the Wolf PART II

Grey Wolfhound:
I didn’t think that the original hungry wolf myth was real
The green grassy plain really does have many lambs
Tonight we can eat lamb hot pot
Tomorrow we can eat lamb skewers
The day after that we can

Scarlet Wolfhound:
You talk very happily
When are you going to go out and catch one to bring back?

Grey Wolfhound:
Relax, in this place
The lambs can’t just go anywhere

Scarlet Wolfhound:
But… how are you going to get past the steel gate?

Grey Wolfhound:
What… steel gate?
According to the book “100 ways to catch a lamb”
As written by my great great great great great great great great grandfather
Sheep are very easily tricked, all you need is a lambskin
Since we are pressed for time I have already prepared
I will disguise myself as one of their relatives, and then…

Scarlet Wolfhound:
What’s the use of being a relative?
Did you entertain my aunt when she came by to visit?

Grey Wolfhound:
Even if that’s so there’s no need to worry
Here it is written
We should use things that they like in order to tempt them
I’ve already prepared for this

Scarlet Wolfhound:
What are you still laughing about? Quickly, go catch a lamb
I am very hungry

Grey Wolfhound:
Yes, my wife, but being hungry has its good points

Scarlet Wolfhound:
Why is that?

Grey Wolfhound:
To lose weight

Disguised Grey Wolf:
Little fat sheep, what’s your name?

Lazy Lambie:
I’m called Lazy Lambie

Disguised Grey Wolf:
Hey, give me a hand and open this gate please
Open the gate
Open it now!

Lazy Lambie:
What are you calling out for? Can’t you see the doorbell?

Disguised Grey Wolf:
What are you still sleeping for? I’ve already pressed the doorbell

Lazy Lambie:
I only told you that there is a doorbell
I didn’t say I would open the door

Happy Lambie:
Auntie, whom are you looking for?

Disguised Grey Wolf:
I am the relative of your village leader

Happy Lambie:
A relative of the Village Elder? Okay, I go get him right away

Disguised Grey Wolf:
Hey, can’t you open the door first?

Village Elder:
What’s that, we have a relative?

Happy Lambie:
That’s what that auntie said

Village Elder:
Couldn’t be! According to the records of our family lineage
Our most closest distant relative
Is from 300 years ago

Happy Lambie:
This I’m not too sure about, it is the auntie who said she knows you

Village Elder:
Well, we’d better take a look
Wait for me

Baby Snail:
Mother, you’ve tricked me

Mother Snail:
Baby Snail, how have I tricked you?

Baby Snail:
You said that snails move the slowest, but I don’t think so

Disguised Grey Wolf:
Why hasn’t your Village Eldar arrived yet?

Happy Lambie:
Soon, he’ll get here soon
He has already arrived

Village Eldar:
Is this auntie the one who is related to me?

Disguised Grey Wolf:
Yes, I am your grandfather’s second uncle’s third cousin’s wife’s sister
Do you recognize me?

Village Eldar:
Why yes, I think I do have this relative

Disguised Grey Wolf:
That’s right, now quickly open the door

Village Eldar:
Which one is it?

Happy Lambie:
“very strange footsteps”
Auntie, you are sweating profusingly, is it too hot?
Allow me to turn on the fan

Beautiful Lambie:
Oh noes! Auntie’s appearance has completely changed

Stewie Lambie:
She doesn’t look like us at all one bit!

Village Eldar:
I’ve found it, I’ve found it
According to his characteristics
Without a doubt, I say that he is a wolf

A wolf?

Grey Wolfhound:
Correct, I am Grey Wolfhound

Beautiful Lambie:
So that’s how wolves actually look!
They aren’t cute in the slightest way!

Stewie Lambie:
Are you going to bark? Give me a little bark to hear

Grey Wolfhound:
Why is it that the lambs of the present don’t fear wolves whatsoever?

Stewie Lambie:
C’mon… bark…
Hey, he wants to bite me

Village Eldar:
According to what the book says
Wolves will not only bite lambs but will eat lambs
They most like to eat lambs

Eat lambs?

Village Eldar:
Correct, and that means us

Happy Lambie:
Stewie Lambie, you first take away the Village Leader

Village Leader:
The book was written 500 years ago
Many of our ancestors were eaten by wolves

Stewie Lambie:
Run faster!

Grey Wolfhound:
Little fat sheep, aren’t you scared of me? What is your name?

Happy Lambie:
My name is Happy Lambie
Grey Wolfhound, if you want to eat us it won’t be so easy

Grey Wolfhound:
I’ll be fine with just eating this fat one
Come, and open the door for me
I have something to give you

Happy Lambie:
Thanks, but I don’t like eating carrots

Grey Wolfhound:
There’s no way!
The book clearly states that sheep like to eat carrots
Why would it be this way?

Happy Lambie:
Excuse me.. excuse me..
We are sheep, we are not rabbits
(“100 ways to catch a rabbit”)

Grey Wolfhound:
Hurry up and open the door, because I’m getting angry

Happy Lambie:
Stop making a fuss, okay?
Here’s present for you


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