If You Are the One:The Crying Soldier(English)

This is the english translation of “If you are the One“. I picked a very self-contradictory show, but man, the pay off is astonishing. Way better than “Big Brother” or “The Biggest Loser”, two shows that China could not possible identify with.


Okay, let’s hope our next
Guest’s luck will be better
Let’s get out our third contestant

King of the Pine: (24years old)
Hi everybody, I come from Four Rivers (Sichuan)

King of the Pine, welcome
Can you please introduce yourself to
Us completely
Age, where you come from

King of the Pine:
I’m 24 years old, and I come from Four Rives

Become the Capital (Chengdu), Friendship Guest City (Yibin)
Won’t you please explain to all of us
Your uniform

King of the Pine:
I come from Four Rivers province, Become the Capital city
Where I’m a rescuer

In the midst of that applause
I can imagine
That you have a connection with
All the recent events that have happened within the country
The place of your..
What is the nature of your rescue team?
Full name, please tell us the full name of your unit

King Pine:
National Lotus Military Stationed Jade Spring Algamated Unit

We can call it the National Rescue Unit
You are not the first person here on this stage
To wear a uniform
But of this special unit
We should say

Cheerful Praise:
The first one

The first one
We should express to you
A special welcome
How about some applause everyone?

King of the Pine:
Thank you

Take a look at the 24 girls on stage
Your most favorite is whom?
Please think it over
I hope very much that you will be able
To arrive at the “Advantage: Male” stage
When you’ll be able to meet this girl
Face to face

King of the Pine:

Okay now?
In front of me, you 24 girls
In regards to his choice of military uniform
Our member of the national rescue unit
What impression do you have?
Please think it over
(First love impressions)

Please make your decision
(20/24 remaining)

Okay, tonight you are the first male
Contestant to enter the
“Remaining in the Top 20” club
Yes, girl #20

Plum Dream Dew: (23 years old, five star hotel marketing director)
I feel he relies solely on his uniform
At my first opportunity I can not reject him because of that
I have a deep-seated admiration towards
His field of work
Thank you

King of the Pine:
Thank you

Thanks Excellence: (22 years old, student)
Previously the earthquake at Green Ocean (Qinghai) Treasure Tree (Baoshu)
Anyways, it really worried people
Therefore, his personal experience
Really makes people admire him
I really want to thank you, really

King of the Pine:
Thank you

Thank Excellence:
Thank you

I feel we should
We a word of thanks to you
Okay, for the rest of the remaining 20 players
Let’s take a look at his personal information

(Another Love Evaluation)
Hi everybody, my name is King of the Pines
I come from Four Rivers, Friendship Guest City
From the Stationed Jade Spring Rescue team
I started here in the field of rescue
Over three years ago
The number of rescues I’ve performed I don’t remember
From the beginning up to now
I’ve performed tens upon tens of rescues
My most memorable rescue was
When we did the flooding accident
At that time the first floor of a house
Was completely submerged

…and the safety of life
We passed by a small inflatable boat transporting some property
As it returned a little bit of it was lost
I personally felt very proud
Also, my father had gotten sick
During the time he was working in the coal mines
Due to a sudden tear
A tear in the windpipe
Afterwards, he wasn’t able to breathe properly
He contracted chronic bronchitis
Each time I saw my father get sick
I cried
There was this one time my father almost passed away
I was very sad
At that time I hadn’t started to work yet
So I applied for
The coal mine rescue team
I felt very proud
Each person I am able to save
I feel very happy
When we are doing our job as coal mine rescuers
We have one objective and that is
While other people are fleeing to a safer location
We are headed into the danger zone itself
If I can save one person, then I will save one person
If I can save two people, then I will do that
I will fulfill my responsibilities
All of my responsibilities with all of my strength
To go save each person

We can see that his eyes
Are full of tears
This should be because of his many
Personal experiences and history
There are many things that are hard for us to imagine
As we just saw in that clip there is a phrase
That during a mining disaster
While other people are going someplace safe
You are going towards someplace dangerous
Did any of your co-workers go to
The King Family mountain range mining disaster?

King of the Pine:
I didn’t go
Afterwards, our unit at the Becoming Capital Rescue base
Were sent there

How many times have you went into a mine
To perform rescue operations?

King of the Pines:
I don’t know how many times
The injury caused to my ear
Happened during one of these mining disasters
During the rescue it got injured

So you’re saying you already don’t remember the number of times?

King of the Pine:
That’s correct

Earthquakes, floods, mining disasters: all of these you’ve gone to

King of the Pine:
Yes, earthquakes and mining disasters I have all gone to

You’ve done this how many times?
Approximately how many times
Have you done this sort and kind of rescue work?

King of the Pine:
I’ve done this job for over three years
And I can’t remember, I’m not sure

Actually, we really want to know
The specific number
Now if we were in your shoes
Every time we rescued someone
Every minute would likely be
A horrifying experience
But regarding these people
This is just another day on the job
It’s like as if you were to ask a public transportation driver
How many times have you driven on your route
Just the same, he won’t be able to precisely answer you
What we want to know is
As we just saw in the clip
You monthly income
Is 1500 yuan

King of the Pine:

This is a
Job in which at any time you can come in contact with death
This income of 1500 yuan a month
We should point out, is rather low
With such little income
You still risk your life in such danger
Where do you get your strength?

King of the Pine:
My strength come from the fact that order to replace national property
I would rather sacrifice myself
And would exchange with the country a loss on my behalf
Seeing other people reunite with their families
I would also cry
We would, how do you say it,
A person’s heart is nurtured, is grown
It’s made all out of emotion
For example, right now all of my co-workers
All of them right now are at Green Ocean (Qinghai) rescuing
We were left behind
Because over there at the Four River (Sichuan)
There were more of us
And we were responsible or that side
A person can’t go to all places at once
Afterwards, I
Went to the front line at Green River (Qinghai) to meet my fellow soldiers
And to the assortment of military and non-military personnel there
I wish to pay my highest respects

We can imagine
From last year’s Wen river (no meaning) earthquake
To the King Family mountain range mining disaster
You and your fellow soldiers
Have done all of the country’s internal rescue operations

King of the Pine:
We have

Is there a female contestant
Who would like to ask a question?
I can see #20 Murdering Happy

Murdering Happy:
Please excuse me

Are you crying?

Murdering Happy: (22 years old, private foreign capital investor)
I’m very sorry
First I’d like to
I am deeply moved by his line of work
That is because
Mainly because of
The emotion he spoke of regarding
His father

Are you thinking of your own father?

Murdering Happy:
I can see that he is deeply moved by his face
And so I, very sorry, I can’t control myself

Last Name Beautiful, would you like to ask him something?

Last Name Beautiful:
I feel that you are a true man

King of the Pine:
Thank you

Murdering Ocean Peace: (23 years old, private business entrepreneur)
A lot of people say that when I
Speak I say a lot of harsh words
However, I think he has many fellow soldiers
Who certainly watch our show
I think for this contestant
I will keep my light on for you until the very end
Perhaps we are not suitable for each other
But to show my appreciation and deep thanks to you
As well as to show my appreciation to your fellow soldiers

Come, let’s take a look at the next short clip
(Relationship experience)

King of the Pine:
The reason I have a child
As well as being married
Is because of my family
Because in my family there is only one child
My grandfather and grandmother and father and mother
All love me dearly with all their hearts
And they are afraid that when while on a rescue mission
Or when I’m rushing to the scene of a rescue
That an accident could happen
They couldn’t see my reasoning
So afterwards they made me get married earlier
And have children earlier
At that time I was not very satisfied
I felt that this kind of marriage
Came too suddenly
I felt as though I couldn’t accept this
But according to my grandfather and grandmother
I dearly love my grandfather and grandmother
After they had explained the reasons to me
I accepted
But now I am very regretful
Because my child now doesn’t have a mother
I hope to find someone understanding
Someone who doesn’t smoke nor drink
As long as she treats me well, my child
Treats my family well, then that will be okay
If she treats my family well
I only have one habitual trait
I am a deeply emotional and affectionate man
For her I would be willing to
Give up my own life
I would be willing

(remaining contestants: 11/24)

Often we will hear some people say
I am willing to give my life up for you
So to say, the majority of these situations
Is just talk, that’s all
However, we believe
That standing on this stage, this male contestant
Is completely capable of doing just that
Does everyone believe that?
Contestant #14

Yan Trend Good-looking: (24 years old, make-up artist)
However, I don’t think that you should talk like that
Because I know that you are a very filial child
You obey and love your grandfather and grandmother
And you dearly love your child
For them
You must live a good life
You must value your life
Even if you aren’t
Entrusted to your
Likely, I feel
That I am a well satisfied individual
Even if you value your own life
You can’t just lightly say those words
Perhaps you can give your life away
But we need you
Your country needs you

Cheerful Praise: (Founder of the Color Character School)
Contestant #14 rarely speaks out
The reason why she spoke out today
Is because her father
Had left her at a very early age
So therefore once she saw your clip
She would be sympathetic

King of the Pine:
Thank you

Ocean Peace, do you have anything else to ask?

Murdering Ocean Peace:
We don’t have to
That is to say, each person that does something
Doesn’t have to be so, so, so good
And that’s not to say each earthquake
We all want to go, that is to say, we want to go save people
Sometimes during our lives
Simply just do one thing
Probably this world is not the same
Each good thing
Probably an ambition, that’s not to say
In order to let any number of people appreciate you
Really, is to let each person do more
So the world would be brighter a little more
Like stars in the sky

King of the Pine:
Thank you for your evaluation

Number 11, “Naughty”
How should I understand
Your light has been on up until now
Is it because you respect his profession
Or is it because you have picked him?

“Naughty”: (24 years old, professional model)
I have no reason to reject him
I feel that he is too great
Actually, I feel that I’m not good enough to be his girlfriend
I can’t be the things you want
You want a lot of things
I have kept my light on for you as a sign of respect
I don’t have any other reason

A young person
So early has already gotten married
Due to family reasons
Right now he is still rearing a child
He has come to this stage
To deal with this in a practical way
To find a himself a female companion
To find his soulmate
A very important element to this is
To find his child
A mother
Therefore in regards to the female contestants on the stage, in this regard
You all have to face
Many other pressures
Cheerful Praise advisor
Do you have any advice for them?

Cheerful Praise:
But all of you have to think carefully
Even if
I have never ever seen before
Such an simple and honest
Man of this type, really beyond the boundary
He probably hasn’t ever personally experienced
That fundamental
Feeling of love has what kind of feeling
But he already has a child
Now, he has come here
But you have to think it over
I am not saying of something lofty and special
But you at the very least need to take into consideration
His marriage experience, he has a child
Are you willing to take care of all of this?
But there is one thing for sure here
Back then, if you have seen
That emotional movie “Titanic”
He is that
Character “Jack” in that movie

That is what I was just saying
Maybe other men
Will during their sweet talk
Pledge everlasting love
Will say to you, “I’m willing to die for you”
“I willing to do whatever”
Although in each person’s life
Just like Yan Trend Good-looking
We need to respect our own lives
We need to value ourselves
For the sake of our family
For the sake of our country
But I agree with Cheerful Praise’s evaluation
It’s the same
This man is perfectly willing
To lay down his life
For his family
Now, I have to tell you
Congratulations! You made it to the Men’s Advantage Round!

(Reverse Advantage)

At the moment, there are four lights still remaining
Your next task will be to
Go over there and turn off the ones you don’t want
And come back here

King of the Pine:
(salutes the girls he rejects)

Now let’s invite contestant 11 and 15
To come on down, now let’s see
Who is the girl King of the Pine secretly chose
On the big screen
Number 14, Yan2 Style Good-looking

It is my impression

That “Naughty” has been here
Relatively few times, isn’t that right?
How many times?
Do you recall?


Did you hear that?
This is “Naughty’s” first time
That she kept her light on for a male contestant
Right until the very end and was invited out to the end
This is her first time

King of the Pine:
Thank you

Now, this is a rare sight
Okay, your first ability is
From a selection of 10 personal questions from these girls
You can choose one, and to further help you clarify
Take a look on the big screen

King of the Pine:
“Do you mind if my grandfather and grandmother come live with us?”

Okay, let’s take a look at question number eight
And the answers of these three girls
“Naughty”: can’t allow
Because if will interfere with my private life
Number 14, Yan2 Style Good-Looking: I don’t mind
Number 15, Warm feeling: I hope we don’t all live together
Your next ability is
To ask a personal question to
Help you further understand

King of the Pine:
I’d like to ask
These female contestants
Would you be willing or not
To raise my child with me
Because I really love her

Who would you first like to answer?

King of the Pine:
Number 14

Yan2 Style Good-Looking:
I’m going to still say it
Actually, I don’t mind your situation
Your child I also don’t mind
Because I really like kids
Naturally, I would also hope to have kids with you
However, you don’t properly value your life
I know
You could probably do it for the country
Or maybe do it for people you save
Who really need the help
But, I feel you
Honestly don’t know to value your life
You can’t say lightly say things like that
Because you can die

I think you the background behind why she would say such things
Cheerful Praise advisor
Had already informed us
Do you understand?

King of the Pine:
I understand

Contestant 15

Warm feeling: (23 years old, sales clerk at a company)
If to say two people can get along
Then a child shouldn’t be as problem
But for your girlfriend you should
Have a different second half of your life
Even if not for yourself
Do it for her
You should value your own life

Contestant 11

I don’t know
If you understand me
I am a model
In fact, I don’t mind your child
Or anything else in your family
I don’t mind, and I won’t be indifferent
You have a monthly salary of 1500 yuan
However, I want to make this clear to you
For my job each month
I have to fly to many different places
I don’t know if you can accept this

That’s right
If you want to have a new household
So to say, have someone watch over your child
This is a realistic/practical problem
Because in her line of work
The time she spends at home will not be very much
But she has left her light on to the very end
In this way
Has expressed her
And her feeling
I hope that you can
Take their three answers an think it through clearly

King of the Pine:
If its okay I’d like to say a word

Please do

King of the Pine:
I’d like to express my appreciation
I highly respect all of you, honestly
I first like to say
That I didn’t say
How do I say it?
Because right now I have a child
I really understand the situation
Although my child’s mother is no longer with us
But I feel my child
Living with my family
I am very happy
I’d like to find a mother who will love him dearly
When his mother first passed
I even kneeled down and asked her
For our child, please don’t go
But she chose to leave
There’s nothing that can be done about it
And maybe it’s because all of my reasons
Because I’m so busy with work
Being a member of the rescue team
And don’t have any time to accompany her
Saving people is my job
Since I have to do it then I’ll do it
And that’s not to say that I will sacrifice my life
National property and public safety
Is our duty as members of the rescue team
And we will fulfill our duties to the very best of our abilites
Although I don’t consider myself to be a great man
But I can be the best that I can be
If all I could exert on my own
Was just a meager strength
Then it would make me happy if I could do that
And if I could exchange with the motherland a loss on my behalf
I also would be very happy

Thank you
Now it’s time to
Make the final decision

King of the Pine:
Before I make my final decision

Cheerful Praise:
Wait a moment, King of the Pine
Because you do a lot of things
For other people
In this regard from my personal perspective
I hope today you can be very happy
When you leave this stage
Now, continuing on you will make a decision
And the host Un-eldest has already explained
The rules of the game to you
I don’t know who you will choose
However, I can very precisely explain to you
In all my time being here
I can understand the object of your affection
She once
This is her second time forgetting herself
There has already been one time in which she could not accept
The reason for not accepting is
She fears the thought of loving a family member
And makes her have no choice
But to accept this fact
Therefore, if you are going to persist
And pick the girl of your dreams, so to say
Because your job
And the line of work you do itself
Will then become her responsibility as well
And leave upon her an indelible impression for life
Therefore you have a chance
Of retreating in defeat
But I really really hope that you
Will be very happy today
With your result today

I think that you understand
Cheerful Praise’s words

King of the Pine:
I can understand

Is it clear?

King of the Pine:
Very clear

Okay, thank you Cheerful Praise
Come and make tonight’s final decision

King of the Pine:
I have stayed true to my feelings and
Stuck with the same person
I still choose contestant 14

You two ladies please return to your spots

At last, we’ll give you two one minute

King of the Pine:
I am not saying
That what you said about
Me giving my life away for whatever
However, we should consider what context it is in
For example, when I’m saving someone
Each time I am
Rushing to the first one
Because other people when they are in distress
As a member of the rescue team
The first person to show up on the scene
Sometimes gets hurt
My co-workers as well as my fellow soldiers say, “You’re bleeding
You’ve gotten hurt”
But afterwards we will laugh it off
“No problem”
The victims are still inside
We first must take care of this situation
Once we take care of their situation
We will then take care of our own
Our friends come by
And they ask me
Your salary is so low
Why do you have to do this line of work?
I answer that I feel happy
If I can
Save one person
Even though it’s my job
I still feel very happy

I hope contestant 14
You’ve just passed through a period of time
In which you can understand and sympathize
With his situation
Now it is time for you to make a decision

Yan2 Style Good-Looking:
I know that you have your way of loving someone
But have you considered
That a person who has lost a loved one
Fears losing another loved one again?
If you are my husband
You will probably feel
That your wounds
Or some cuts and scrapes
You will think it is no problem
But I will feel pained and saddened
Let alone the possibility that you lose your life
You are great and I really admire you
But I’m really scared of losing the one I love the most
I probably don’t have same amount of greatness that you do
I hope that my husband
Will forever be at my side
And with me take care of our kids
Forever accompany me

King of the Pine
We have heard contestant 14’s answer
A great pity

Cheerful Praise:
Un-eldest host, hold on a minute
King of the Pine
Normally there would be some people
Leave messages on my blog
And inquire about getting the phone numbers for male contestants
Normally I don’t know
But before we conclude tonight
I earnestly request you to leave your phone number
And I’ll do what I can
Everything that is in my power to do

King of the Pine:
Thank you, Cheerful Praise advisor
(Leaves the stage in failure)

I think that her words
Are very correct
Since I chose her
Then I should provide her with a
Warm and cozy family
And normally accompany her at her side
But because of reason associated with my job
I would probably not be able to be with her
I feel that the reasons she gave
I understand
My future thinking is
To continue working as a rescue worker
To keep saving people
And afterwards
If there is someone suitable
If I can find
Someone to be in a mutually loving relationship
To be my faithful companion and grow old together

I can remember back in 2008
The Wen1 River earthquake
Happened on May 12
And 18 days later the People’s Daily
On May 30th printed an essay
The title was “Deep Distress Resurrects a Nation”
From that day up until now
From the Wen1 River earthquake
To the King Family mountain range coal mine disaster
Up to now
And not long before this was the Treasure Tree earthquake
And it made me think
That essay in the People’s Daily
Our people, our ethnic groups
Have experienced many hardships
Therefore, just like we have just seen
In people like King of the Pine
That they are the backbone of our people
We should express our heartfelt thanks
To him and to his comrades

Because Yan2 Style Good-Looking had lost her father
This type of special reason
In the end she rejected King of the Pine
And this made us all very regretful
We hope that after we broadcast this episode
That all of our female viewers watching at home
If there is anyone
Willing to be with him
You are invited to give us “If you are the one”
A call
Or try us on our official website
And leave us a message
We will pass on your sentiments
We also hope King of the Pine
Can finally pass through our stage here at
“If you are the one”
And find real love
We wish him happiness


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