演唱: 朱哲琴、黃耀明

This is a very famous song that is beloved throughout China. Basically, this guy 王洛宾 lived among the 哈萨克 people in 新疆 and learned all their songs and set putonghua lyrics to them all, so yeah, be basically stole their music. He is now a hero among the 哈萨克 people for appropriating their music.

This isn’t the first time that Mainland culture has taken something from another culture and “re-assimilated” it for its own use and purposes. This has been going on for years with Hong Kong and Cantonese culture of every kind; this basically ensures that Cantonese will remain a local and diminished influence rather than have any impact upon the mainland. Also, we get a lot of Western songs “with Chinese characteristics”.

Anyways, about this song in particular, when I first actually learned what this song is about, I just said, “What? S+M?” In other parts of the world, people pay good money to pretend to be a domesticated animal that requires discipline and punishment.

Here is the song and then my translation and then a brief vocabulary of the words I’m not sure about. It jeeves me that I had translated this but now can’t find the copy. I need to find a stress-relieving lamb…






In that distant, far off place there is a good girl
When people pass by the curtained window of her home, they all turn around to give lingering glances that are reluctant to move on

Her pink face is like the red sun
Her lively eyes that move other people looks like the brilliant moon in the night sky

I am willing to give up all my possessions just to be with her to herd sheep
And to see her pink, smiling face each day as well as her beautiful gold-fringed clothes

I am willing to become a little sheep just to be by her side
I am willing to let her take a fine leather whip and continually beat me lightly upon my skin

留恋liu2 lian4 reluctant to part
帐zhang4 curtain
张望zhang1wang4 look around
财产cai2chan3 property
衣裳yi1shang clothes


HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers


Singer & Chinese Pipa player: 宗婷婷 ZONG Ting-ting



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