星空下 – 周传雄


I have great fond memories of this song and of this whole album because it was one of the very few things that kept me grounded when I got really homesick the first time I came to China because it was just one of the only things that I liked.  I can’t tell you what a wretched feeling it is to want to turn on the television and want it to be home, but you never can because it is across the ocean.  Thanks, 周传雄。

I must have heard this over a hundred times according to my iPod playlist count as well as wearing down the CD I bought at Carrefour, and through all of those 100 times I kept wishing that I understood the song.  Well, I can strangely stand at the end of that rainbow now and say I can.  It only makes it sweeter that it’s a well written song; the kids chorus in the middle is a great arrangement device, as well as that sweet synth run up that culmulates in a low bass punch.  It’s too bad the production values are garbage (the cymbal crash to the end of the intro to 寂寞沙洲冷 is 1980’s embarrassing), but this album is so much better than his follow up.

Honestly, this songs rocks, and not just because I understand it; this is one of the rare pop songs, from what I gather, in which a guy breaks up with a girl and he isn’t sorry.  Man, I can’t stand those, and those songs are everything in the mandopop world.  Sorry babes, if I break up with you I mean it and I’m mad; I not sorry and keep pining for your return.







说好 shuo1hao3 to come to an agreement or understanding
面对 mian4dui4 to confront, to face
考验 kao3yan4 n test, trial
逃避 tao2bi4 to escape, hide
厌倦 yan4juan4 adj bored, weary of
温柔 wen1rou2 gentle and soft
对待 dui4dai4 to treat, approach, handle
过问 guo4wen4 concern oneself with, take an interest in, get involved in
从来 cong2lai2 always, all along
欺骗 qi1pian4 to deceive, cheat
忽略 hu1lve4 to neglect, lose sight of, ignore
略 lve4 n summary, outline; strategy, plan
v to capture, seize; omit, delete
adj brief, simple
谎言 huang3yan2 lie, falsehood
利用 li4yong4 to exploit, use, take advantage
善良 shan4liang2 good and honest, kind-hearted
伪装 wei3zhuang1 to pretend, feign; to disguise, mask
记忆 ji4yi4 v to remember, recall
瞬间 shun4jian1 n in the wink of an eye, in a moment
回忆 hui2yi4 v to look back on, to recollect, to recall; n a memory, a reminiscence
揭开jie1kai1 to uncover, to open, to disclose
承诺 cheng2nuo4 to promise to do something; acceptance, acceptance of offer
灿烂 can4lan4 bright, splendid, magnificent
刺痛 ci4tong4 stabbing pain, prick, pricking
牵强 qian1qiang3 adj forced, far fetched, strained
借口 jie4kou3 to use as an excuse, excuse
伤痕 shang1hen2 n scar, bruise
孤单 gu1dan1 alone, lonely

We’ve come to the agreement we would face each test together, and agreed we wouldn’t escape or be bored
We’ve come to the agreement we would treat each tomorrow with gentleness
We’ve agreed that we wouldn’t concern ourselves with before

We’ve never wanted to cheat each other, and we’ve always neglected time
Lies have always exploited good-heartedness to disguise itself, and without sound or notice has already changed

Remembrance within a the wink of an eye has already grown stale, the feeling of love within a night has already dispersed
I stand underneath a lonely, single star,
not daring to to look and recall its faint starlight

In the middle of missing each other we have broken up
Let time expose the scar of of so many silent years
I stand underneath the empty stars that have broken their promise
Unable to count all of the many brilliant points of starlight that prick me in the night sky

You hold back the tears saying you’ve never loved me
That is such a far-fetched excuse
If you are like how you were before, then you should understand me
You should know how much this hurts me

巫啓賢 -《星空下》
This song has nothing whatsoever to do with the song I’m talking out, but man, it’s so upbeat I had to include it. What an antidote to an emo-glorified depressant.


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