This is the first Chinese song I have ever learned; you can say I’ve learning this song all my life.  It’s by the great 許冠傑Sam Hui,and for a Cantopop song this is basically perfect.

As many of you know, Cantopop music (Cantonese popular music from Hong Kong) is very different from many other types of music because the Cantonese words have a tonal quality and so dictate the kind of melody sung.  With this song, 許冠傑has made a perfect song in which every lyric matches the melody.  In contrast, Mandopop does not have this limiting feature.

I couldn’t have picked a better song to begin with, as after all these years it is still a good song.

I have the lyrics written out, a vocabulary, and then a translation.  Enjoy.





舉止[geui2ji2] behavior, manner, conduct (举止ju3ji3)
失常[sat1seung4] abnormal, odd
自禁[ji6gam3] self-control (zi4jin1)
見諒[gin3leung6] to forgive, to pardon (jian4liang4)
萬分[maan6fan1] extremely, very much (万分 wan4fen1)
皆因[gaai1yan1] only because, just because (国:not used)
音韻[yam1wan5] sound and rhyme (音韵yin1yun4)
飄揚[piu1yeung4] to flutter, to fly (飘扬piao1yang2)
撩動[liu4dung6] to provoke (撩动liao2dong4)
醞釀[wan3yeung6] n a disturbance (of a storm); to brew wine (酝酿yun4niang4)
撥[but6] to dispel, remove, transfer, distribute, set aside, set apart, stir up, arouse (拨bo1)
憂傷[yau1seung1] n upset, laden with sorrow (忧伤you1shang1)
失去[sat1heui3] to lose (shi1qu4)
暢[cheung6] freely without restraint, to one’s heart content (chang4)
彷似[fong2chi5] like, resemble (仿似fang2si4, 仿佛fang3fu2)
蘊藏[wan5chong4] to have in store (蕴藏yun4cang2)
依戀[yi1lyun2] 国 to be reluctant to leave (依恋yi1lian4)
相向[seung1heung3] face to face (xiang1xiang4)
結伴[git3bun6] 国 to go with (结伴 jie2ban4)
天際[tin1jai3] horizon (天际tian1ji4)
編寫[pin1se5] to write compose (编写bian1xie3)
動聽[dung6ting3] pleasant to listen to (动听dong4ting1)
樂章[ngok6jeung1] a composition of music (乐章yue4zhang1)
思量[si1leung4] 国 to consider (si1liang2)
永恆[wing5hang4] eternal, perpetual (永恒yong3heng2)

Who was it that night that made me misbehave?
It’s hard to control myself, you must forgive me
But I am very nervous because I have met you
Who is it that has caused me to be full of daydreaming?

Who has caused music to brew at the edge of my consciousness?
And has provoked the love in my heart, causing a disturbance?
For me to brush aside the sadness and and lost happiness
Who is it that has made me seem to experience my first love again?

In my heart I have stored alot of feelings of love
How can we depart? Forever will we be face to face
Together we will go to the horizon, like swallows flying
Together we will write a beautiful piece of music

Who is it that has made me consider bitterly from morning to night?
Long is my dream, eternally it will shine
And has made me guess many many times, not sure where to go
And has left behind a very deep impression


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