This has got to be one of the easiest songs I have ever learned; it is for this reason that this song is so immensely popular in China.  At first I thought this was a 周杰伦 song since it seems he writes them all, but no, I found out much much later that this is 張震嶽; you know, I don’t even know any of his other stuff.

Not much to say about this except it is too simple and straight forward.  No, it really doesn’t make much sense, but you know, those girls need to have their fantasies.

Bleah.  I’m busy working on another transcript, so I thought I’d get away with posting this meager offering.  Enjoy.


作曲: 張震嶽
作詞: 張震嶽




迎面ying2mian4 head on, in one’s face
身影shen1ying3 silhouette, one’s shaddow
漫无目的man4wu2mu4di4 aimless, without direction, to flounder
温柔wen1rou2 gentle and soft, affectionate

Whenever I come to this time I’m always the same
In the loneliness of the night it is easy to call me saddened
I don’t dare to think too much, because I’m just one person

The moonlight that hits me head-on in my face lengthens my shadow
Directionless, I flounder walking about these cold, cold streets
I don’t have any word from you because I still miss you

Love me, don’t go if you say you don’t love me
I don’t want to hear you say utter the truth, please give me a little tenderness again like before


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