海闊天空 – Beyond

A Classic. Beyond, the awesome 80’s Hong Kong band that existed in an era of matinee idol crooners and pinup singers, once famously modestly declared that all they want to do is become the Beatles of Asia. Me, all I want to do become Beyond. In 80’s terms, they are bodaciously radical.

While they would hit the silver screen in their finest moments with Andy Lau in 天若有情 in that movie, this song will remain Beyond’s crowning glory. A thousand lit lighters is not enough to tribute this power ballad which must have been the “getting ready” music for tens of thousands of coiffed haircuts through the ages.

I’m joking, but it doesn’t diminish the amazing impact this song has had on Hong Kong culture. What is diminishing this song are the new Mandopop lyrics that makes every mainlander think this is a mainland song. You can do that with 月亮代表我的心 and 甜蜜蜜,but keep your hands off this Cantopop classic. I haven’t learned the Mandopop version and don’t care to, but can emphasize the meaning of the original song: only through freedom with the individual triumph. Take that, bland modern re-make.

Beyond: Now, then and forever. Whoohoo, I’m getting Jersey on ya!






駒keui1(ju1) fleet footed horse; the sun
冷卻laang5keuk3 cooling off
窩wo1 nest
風雨fung1yu5 the elements
追趕jeui1gon2 to pursue, to chase after
霧mou6 fog
影蹤ying2jung1 shadow, image, reflection; footprints, trail
冷眼laang5ngaan5 to give someone the eye
嘲笑jaau1siu3 to ridicule
放棄fong3hei3 to give up
心中sam1jung1 in one’s heart
理想lei5seung2 ideal
一剎那yat1saat3na5 a split second
恍惚fong2fat1 vaguely absently
若yeuk6 if
有所yau5so2 somewhat, to some extent
不知不覺bat1ji1bat1gok3 unconsciously
淡taam2 tasteless
不羈bat1gei1 uninhibited, unruly
放縱fong3jung3 to indulge, to let someone have their way
背棄bui3hei3 to abandon

Now, as I watch the drifting snow of the night
I remember the cooling off of my heart from afar
Through the elements I have pursued, as through the fog I have followed unclear footsteps
Under a wide sky and vast ocean, you and I may have changed (who would not change?)

How many times have I been welcomed with a cold stare and with jeering laughter
And yet never have abandoned the ideals within my heart?
Absently, in a split second, if there has been any loss of faith
Where unconsciously the love of my heart have become tasteless

Forgive me if my whole life I have indulged uninhibitedly in loving freedom
All while I fear of falling down
To abandon one’s ideals anyone can do
But I’m afraid one day there will be just you and me

Nevertheless, my free self
Forever will sing proud my song, everywhere for a thousand miles


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