藉口 – 周杰伦

Well, this is my first post from behind the Grate Wall and I have to say it is very buggy. While Bl*gsp*t is outright prohibited wordpress on the other hand somehow squeaks by, but not without its lag and “connection reset” error boards. Really, who’s to say if this is at all successful?

Anyways, this song is an oldie but goodie for me. Sorry for the lack of a yootoob video, but I can’t access it here; as well, my whole blog has become a bunch of white squares where the videos ought to be.

Not much to say about this song except despite the fact that it is a simplistic radio-friendly love song, it is all the same done well, especially the drums. I could listen to this over and over again just for the drums. Well, I actually have. I don’t know who the studio session drummer is for this song, but Jay definitely paid good money for this guy.


藉口 周杰伦






藉口ji2kou3 evasion
若隐若现ruo4yin3ruo4xian4 indistinct, partly hidden and partly visible
来不及lai2buji2 there’s not enough time, it’s too late
请求qing3qiu2 v to ask, to demand, beg
坚持jian1chi2 to persist, to perservere
承受cheng2shou4 to bear, to endure, to support
承诺cheng2nuo4 to promise to do sth, to undertake sth
纵容zong4rong2 to connive, to collude, to scheme or plot secretly, to feign ignorance of or fail to take measures against a wrong, thus implying tacit encouragement or consent
包容bao1rong2 to pardon, to forgive, to contain, to hold


Turning over our photograph, my reminiscence at times clear and at other times indistinct
In the winter of last year, we smiled very sweetly
I see your crying face as you turn towards me to say good-bye
I heard it too late, you’ve already gone far away

Maybe you’ve already abandoned me, maybe it is difficult for you to look back
I know that I have done wrong
Please give me one more reason again, say that you don’t love me

Even if it’s me that doesn’t understand, can you not forgive me?
Please don’t let us break up, consider that my request to you
I know you want to persevere in breaking up, it is you that has suffered the excuse
Please look back, I will accompany you, always right up until the end

Even if there isn’t a conclusion, I can still endure it
I know of your pain, it was me who gave the promise
You said you had connived with me, the silence is because of forgiveness
If you have to go, please remember me

If you have a hard time with breaking up, please forget me


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