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Blue Bodypaint in Hong Kong

Dream’s幫: 亞煩達 入侵旺角(Free D 版)!!

Dream Aiders: “Avatar” Invades Mongkok (in FreeD)

Ladies and gentlemen, let it be known: I can’t get enough of Chinese guys running around in blue body paint pretending to be “Avatars”. I can’t. I hope I can wake up tomorrow and keep doing this all over again, just as I have today.

This is a Youtube video of a Hong Kong-based group called Dream’s幫. The goal of this group, whether or not they make people laugh, is to actualize the dreams that other people are too afraid to attempt on their own. I don’t know if that means Chinese are not able to accomplish dreams without the help of a bunch of guys way down the Jackass pole.

As this is Cantonese, I will switch over to using Traditional Chinese for awhile. Also, I’ll try to duplicate the spoken Cantonese as much as possible, but as the written words are provided I’ll mostly be using those. First I will show the Chinese transcript then a short glossary section and then the English transcript will follow.

By the way, the pun of the title is that they changed the normal spelling of “Avatar” (which is 阿凡達) to “亞煩達”, which can be loosely translated to “The annoyance of Asia has arrived”. That makes more sense than the usually spelling which can be badly translated to “The arrival of Afaan/Afan”, in which this person “Afaan/Afan” has a name which means “ordinary”.

Enjoy. Let me know of any mistakes or suggestions.








有,就喺… 呢度





我愛阿凡達… yeah!

1,2,3 去喇


We are Dream’s幫
I love Avatar









入侵yap6cham2 to invade
擺脫 baai2 tyut3 (bai3tuo1) to break away
命運ming6wan6 (ming4yun4) destiny, fate
一世yat1sai3 a generation
完成yun4sing4 to accomplish, to complete
展現jin2yin6 (zhan3xian4) to emerge, to come out
精神jing1san4 (jing1shen2) spirit, mind
收集sau1jaap6 (shou1ji2) to collect, to gather
創意chong3yi1 creativity, creative
牲hei1sang1 (xi1sheng1) sacrifice
sang1 (sheng1) livestock pg 292
艦 laam6 (jian4) a warship, naval vessel
既然 gei1yin4 (ji4ran2) since, because
體驗tai2yim6(ti3yan4) to experience for oneself
嘞la3 laak3 particle: transition from one situation to another, completed action, polite refusal
尖叫jim1giu1 to shriek
血統hyut3tung3 blood relations, lineage
統tung2(tong2) to govern, to rule 2to unify 3wholly, totally pg 355
示範si6faan6 to demonstate
範faan6(范fan4) model form rule example pattern
桑拿 sauna
桑song1 (sang1) mulberry tree, fm name
正話jing3wa6 [HK] just now, a moment ago
竟然ging2yin4 unexpectedly, still, surprisingly
寡 gwa2 (gua3) lonely, alone, solitary 2 little, few 3 widowed, surviving spouse
逃兵tou4bing1 deserter (in the military), a defector
毀wai2 (hui3) to destroy, damage 2 to slander
成就sing4jau6 achievement, accomplishment, success
籌備chau4bei6 to prepare, to get ready
籌chau4 (筹chou2) to plan, to raise 2 chips, tally

If a person has no dream to live for
Then what is the difference between this person and a salted fish?

Four red-blooded passionate youths
Have broken off all ties to their generation to take on the fate of a salted fish
In order to fulfil all of your dreams
From their spirits will emerge a will that is ready and able
Their names are : Dream Aiders

[in some made up language that isn’t Cantonese, Mandarin, Na’vi or anything with some semblance of respect]

Hi everybody
We are the Dream Aiders
Just by looking at our appearance you should be able to figure out what kind of dream we are trying to fulfill today
Of course, it would be concerning the recent blockbuster hit “Avatar:
Let’s do it!

(A Little While Earlier…)

We have gathered a whole big pile of dream requests
Many of them are very creative
However, despite coming up with these ideas, no one is willing and courageous enough to make them come true
At last, these unfulfilled dreams need to be brought to life

Hey, this ones really cool
You know, the big hit of the city right now is the movie “Avatar”
He says he’d like us to try being “Avatar”
Because in real life he can’t do it
This is possible, I feel
It is very simple, all we have to do is
Cover our bodies with blue paint, put on a loin cloth
And sacrifice our own bodies

Okay, since we have this box-office hit “Avatar”
We are going to see for ourselves what life is like on “Pandora”
“Pandora” living!
First we need to find our tribe of people
We have a tribe we belong to?
We do, and it’s… over here

There are some tribal people escaping
There are some tribal people shrieking

We are “Avatar”!
Let’s try and see if we can conduct electricity
We have finally found our tribe of people
It’s blue, the entire body is blue
He was born here on this earth
But we are related by blood
I’ll demonstrate once for you to see
See, like this
Oh noes!
He got hurt
I love “Avatar”…yeah!
1, 2, 3, let’s go!

So like that we’ve sent them all away
In that case let’s go too
Let’s go!

Okay, so just a moment ago we found their tribe
And now, we’re going to fool around with some pedestrians
I want to go to the sauna
Let’s go
I want to go to the sauna
Let’s go to the sauna then

We are the Dream Aiders
I love Avatar

(flying dragon)
We are nice people
She has been quicker than me in finding her dragon

We still haven’t found the sauna of the city
That’s true
We’ve come to the city but we still haven’t found the city sauna
Let’s find it quickly, let’s find it quickly

We have seen a construction vehicle that is destroying the environment
We are still no match for him
The enemy is many and I am few, we’d better retreat
We have spotted a deserter
Is “sorry” going to save you this time?
You have destroyed my home, and there’s nothing I can do about it

They now have to teach Hong Kongers how to dance a native folk dance of Pandora
This is the Pandora Lord of the Dance!
[racist stereotypes abound in this segment; personally, I find the comedic stylings of Sarah Silverman to be much funnier]

You are not talented
But if you work hard at it you should eventually succeed
Eventually one day you will catch up to my achievements
Yes, I will
Do you know what kind of achievements I have?
Have you heard of “East Achieve West Accomplish”? [sorry, this isn’t correct]

Also, I don’t know why but these people like to come over and take my picture
Are we really that strange and special?
Just tell me one time: Do you think I’m hot?

Hey, come over and look at this!
“Avatar” will now perform swinging water hair kung fu!
[note: swinging water hair kung fu is a martial arts performance to demonstrate balance and neck power and ability to head bang at a Crue concert]

Esteemed brothers and elders
We “Avatar”
To allow us to prepare for a costly trip ahead of us
Have decided to come out here
And perform swinging water hair kung fu
You did a great job!
Well, how was it? How do you feel?
I’ll go get the money first, I’ll get the money first
I’m so dizzy
Oh noes!
Once I come to collect money, everybody vanishes
Our “Avatar” buddy has succeeded in making a whole ten bucks! (HKD)
It’s been said that everywhere in Hong Kong there’s money to be made, and now it looks like that’s actually true
Yup, money money everywhere!
I want to eat a bowl of assorted beef noodles
Okay, okay, with ten bucks
We can go celebrate with a bowl of assorted beef noodles
Those guys have completely forgot about me

Do you want us to help realize your dream?
Then immediately come and tell us!


Shanzhai Avatar “Pandora Tourism” Campaign

Actually filmed live on location in Xishuangbanna
Skygazer Tree – ALIANYA
雨林之魂 待觉醒
Soul of the Rainforest, Waiting for Realization
In May 2010, we politely await your arrival
壮泰,四毛 作品
Zhuang Tai, Si Mao creators/producers

Let’s not mince words: China loves Avatar. Like 非常喜欢级了Avatar. Yes, I know it’s a shallow re-make of “Dances with Wolves” set in outer space with an internet fetish fighting against the good guys from “Aliens” and should ideally be a thirty minute short film you watch while you’re queuing up for the half-day wait for one ride at the theme park; however China still loves Avatar. Loves Avatar so much that you’ll allow your one government-mandate permissible child to be a half-blood Na’vi.

Since invading China on the backs of winged creatures that mercifully don’t conjure up any old memories of rolling die in your parents basement, Avatar has since become the all-time Chinese box-office record holder for making 73.2 million dollars in just two weeks; impressive, especially for the fact that soon after opening only 3D screenings were permitted to continue screening the movie, basically banning the movie from the general public.

It appears that Chinese are very sympathetic to the cause of the Na’vi, their would-be cat-comrades, who are peace loving people-animals who just want to live in harmony with their natural environment. However, the antagonists in the film want to forcibly evict the Na’vi from their rightful homes in order to facsilitate the progress of technology and economy, actions that some Chinese may ressemble to Chinese real estate developers who do basically the same thing (just like the bulldozer scene, unfortunately). Blogger 李承鹏 compared the movie with the plight of “nail house” owners, people who aren’t willing to be evicted from their own homes under coercion of money, intimidation or violence, just as the Beijing News and pretty boy boy Han Han.

The influence goes even further. In the pre-production phase of Avatar, designer Steve Messing actually travelled to China to take photographs that would serve as inspiration for the movie’s environment. In Guilin, Huangshan and Zhangjiajie would hike along valleys and up cliffsides, and even went up in a hot-air balloon to get the right photos. That’s right; the world-famous carst mountains for many a 山水画 is now where the “banshees” make their nook. Not to be outdone and to prove that they have the Unobtainium, the Southern Sky Column in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province was renamed to the Avatar Hallelujah Mountain, apparently in a ploy to attract tourists (a claim reportably later denied by officials).

There’s some definite inspiration there in those mountains that was taken by the movie. However, what if there’s no connection at all? Will that stop you, or will you insist that “Pandora”, a completely fictional far-off land that was rendered completely through digital technology, exists in China?

This is a photostory posted on the Tianya BBS that “borrows inspiration” from Avatar to tell a similar story of “man vs nature”. It appears to be an advertisement for tourists to come to Xishuangbanna, China as this certain locale is touted to be the one place in China that looks the most similar to Pandora, the fictional moon paradise where the 10 tall blue-skinned Na’vi live.

While it looks like a movie, the stills are so heavily Photoshopped and art directed that these are not likely to be movie stills. Chinese netizens are on the whole very supportive of this post, in no short part due to the insinuated nudity shown by the lead actress.

Once again: this is a real campaign in which money has been spent to entice people to come to a scenic place in China that somehow resembles a distant planet that was completely artificially fabricated. I seem to remember floating mountains, fluorescent fauna and amazing six-legged creatures that could either fly or look cool in 3D in that movie. If Xishuangbanna really is the one place on Earth that resembles Pandora, then we all know where the first place we should dig to find that Unobtainium.

This is the original BBS post with an English translation attached. Since this is an extremely long post, I stopped midway through the story. Other pictures are attacted at the end, as well as some netizen reaction. Part two of the story comes afterwards.

Me and my friend’s pics of a shanzhai (fake) “Avatar”, letting the cat out of the bag

I’m always slumming it over at “lian2peng2” shooting the bull, but over here in the “Picture Section” I am a noobie and this will be my first time posting, so go easy on me.
Previously I have always been writing many ghost stories and horror novels. My friends have complained I have become more and more depressing, so I’ve decided to try something new.
根据朋友一个有意思的想法,我试 着写了个与往常风格不一样的故事,并和一个做摄影师的小学同学(四毛)一起做了个图片故事,现在发到网上来。
Thus inspired, I have tried to write a different story than before. In collaboration with my good friend whom I’ve known since the fourth grade in primary school and a professional photographer, the two of us have put our combined results on the internet
HOHO,四毛同学是秀外慧中的单身女摄影师 喔!
I must tell you, my friend is smart, handsome and single as well as a professional photographer of women. Whoo!
If you like my posts, please give a bump. On the other hand if you find the pictures and words are boring, you’re welcome to give your criticisms (a brick).
PS:这本来是个 小故事,但是由于有图片制作工作,我们也是边整理边发布,所以可能在三四天内才能把所有图片发完,不小心搞成连载了,的确不好意思。
This was originally a short story, but because of the photographs snowballed into more and more. As the pictures are finished we will be releasing them, so it will be within three or four days before that is done. If we’re not careful we will be serialized, and we’re really sorry about that.

A jumping pot lid means the cooking is almost done, and to kick things off we made a movie poster.
Oh, I should tell you this pictorial story is named “Skygazer Tree – Alianya”

The story goes like this:
长久的办公室白领生活,繁重的生活压力,令我变得日渐冷漠,终日考虑的只有没完没 了的职场竞争、房贷月供。
As a long time white collar office worker and burdened with the stress of living, life has made me more and more detached and numb. All day long I am distracted with running this endless corporate rat race against my competition just to pay for my apartment.
I am so tired, I just want to run away and hide. After one sudden impulsive outburst, I finally handed in my resignation and decided to throw all of my life’s pressure away to one side and take a long deserved vacation.
On the wall of my home is a map, and when I got back home I decided to try something: with my eyes blindfolded with a black cloth, I would randomly throw a dart. Wherever the dart landed would be my destination of my trip.

“Though these vacations are hard to come by, I’ll let a dart decide to which destination my trip will take.”

According to where my dart landed, I have arrived at Sipsong Panna (or Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China)
Having gotten off the plane I immediately noticed the sun beating down on my shoulder, making me feel as though the warmth touched my soul.

“I have come to the promised land, Sipsong Panna.”

Leaving Jinghong International Airport inYunnan and riding in a car for two hours, I finally arrived at the location as pointed out by the dart, Mengla county in Xishuangbanna Daizu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.
朋友说,那里有世上最漂亮的热带雨 林,还有最接近天空的巨树,能够生长到80多米。那种中国最高的 巨树,叫做“望天树”。
A friend told me that the world’s most beautiful rainforests are located here in which the tallest trees poke at the sky. These types of trees, the tallest in China, are called Skygazer trees.

Pursuing the gigantic trees with courage as wide as the sky

Once getting out of the car, however, I didn’t see a trace of the tropical rainforest. In front of me all I can see were flaky rubber trees and withered, dead tall trees.
These are the Skygazer trees, the soul of the rainforest, but all they could do now were to stretch their weak withered branches, somehow doing their best to stretch outwards almost as if they were wordlessly trying to give an account of something. Could it be that these rainforest trees are the same ones from my dream?
As the economic development grew, as could be seen in the great number of rubber trees planted, the area of the rain forest was quickly reduced. But what could I do to help the Skygazer trees survive?

Shake! It’s as though these withered trees are crying next to the rubber trees.

I then approached a Hani village just nearby the rainforest, the local village people enthusiastically told me that I needed to embark on a speed boat to follow the water route; that way I could then reach the forest with the Skygazer trees.
Thus I shook off my wits and went down to the pier to disembark, but as I neared the pier a light flashed before my eyes.

In the village of the Hani people I heard that there were still a few surviving Skygazer trees.

Not far in front of me, a pretty girl suddenly looked back, her eyes tinged with a look of grief. I pitied her, and my heart was unable to avoid the wide waves of emotion she washed over me.
However, she quickly faced forward and sped off. On the pier she boarded a ship and headed for the forest with the Skygazer trees; coincidentally, just the place I too was headed!

This was the first time I saw her

I sped up my footsteps to get on the same speed boat she was about to embark on, but by accident I let two local people, a boy and a girl, get in my way. They enthusiastically carried a bamboo cup full of some enchanting spirit and invited me to drink it.
This is the way of the local people; any time a stranger would visit the village of the Hani people, the villagers would invite him to drink a cup of this enchanting spirit. But through their enthusiasm, I lost out on my chance to board the same boat as the girl.
With a touch of concern for this beautiful woman, I hurriedly accepted the cup and drank heavily.

The passionate village people used the enchanting spirit to block my path.

When I put down the elixir cup, the speed boat she was riding in had already left the pier. I boarded another speed boat when by a lucky coincidence the boy and girl who had just served me were also travelling in the same boat as I.
While the speed boat raced over the green waves and ripples of the Nanla River. I looked at the the uniformly kept rubber trees that passed by us on both banks in neat little rows. I nervously contracted my brow, and my heart refused to falter.
Images appeared in my mind of a hatchet come striking down, and then of a “Stargazer” tree lumbering down with a crash, and then of thousands of young rubber tree plant spouts replacing them. Each day a bit of rainforest disappears, but how many people actually know this fact?
I lifted up the camera in my hand and decided to record everything as realistically as possible.

On the Nanla River, where fragrant footsteps are everywhere without having to look for them.

Onwards the boat went. In less than a moment’s notice, the rubber trees all disappeared only to be replaced by a lush, virgin rainforest, one that has been untouched and undeveloped!
In the midst of my euphoria at marveling at the beautiful scenery of what appeared o be an Amazon River of the East, I let out a huge cheer! But then by accident, it appeared to me that the Hani local boy and girl were secretly spying and peeping at me – but maybe I was being too suspicious.

The charming and gentle scenery of the rain forest, but no trace of the speed boat that came before us.

After getting out of the boat I tried looking for the girl, but the Hani people took me to a secluded part of the rainforest.
After having madly passed through an overgrowth of strange plants, I saw row upon row of tall, towering trees, so tall they stuck right into the bottom of clouds!
They told me that these were the fabled Skygazer trees I had been searching for, and all I had to do was to climb to the peak of these trees and then I could turn to heaven and make a wish, one that would prove to be effectual and matchless without comparison.
The local people have tied ropes in the middle of these Skygazer tree to make a makeshift corridor. As the local girl made her way across it seemed like she disappeared in the middle of this treacherous passage.
“Do you dare cross it?” the Hani local boy asked me, sneerlingly.

At the horizontal corridor suspending in the middle of the sky, I mulled over my decision.

How can I let them look down upon me? However, when I was traversing this sky bridge I could really feel the rope beneath my feet tremble above this lofty perch…
The view below was of a endless sea of green foliage from the crown of trees, while above me the Skygazer trees loomed overhead. I could not help but feel giddy and dizzy.
At that time my heartbeat raced and I wanted so much to turn back, but then the local boy and girl turned back and quietly snickered at me.
I took a deep breath to measure my pace, and then finally in the middle of the Skygazer trees on that corridor, I made one step, and then another…

As the plank under my two feet trembled and swayed, I walked forward.

Only after had I taken a few steps out into the sky corridor did I discover that it was suspended thirty meters above the ground, and the crowns of other trees were under my feet.
From this other point of view, I could really see this previously unseen scenery.
In the wink of an eye, I forgot my fear and dread. I felt as though I had seemingly dissolved into the most majestic, large, natural landscape. In order to look at even more beautiful scenery, I lifted up my legs and without fear marched forward.
When I reached the summit of the Skygazer trees, I couldn’t refrain from letting out a huge cry. Only the bravest souls have the right to reach out and touch heaven.

Among the Skygazer trees the wind whistled past.

At the highest point of the sky corridor, underneath the crown of a Skygazer tree, the Hani local girl waited for me with a bunch of sweet flowers in her hands.
According to the rules of the rainforest, once one has traversed the sky corridor one has attained the same level as Skygazer tree hero, and thus receive fresh flowers from a Hani native.
I received the flowers and closed my eyes and took a deep sniff, and an unusually refreshing and sweet smell overwhelmed me.

Flowers given to congratulate my success, ones with an unusually sweet and pungent smell.

After smelling this unusually sweet fragrance, I suddenly felt the sky spin and the ground beneath me give out.
The sunlight streamed though the dense layers of Skygazer foliage and scattered all across the top of me; it felt both warm and foreign.
In the middle of a trance, it seemed as though I heard a song drift in from a distant place, a song with the urgent beating of drums.
Afterwards, I fainted beside a Skygazer tree.

I fainted next to the tree.

Heaven knows how long I was out for, but after what seemed a long time I stirred awake.
I opened my eyes and saw the sky had already turned dark, but through the darkness I saw that the inconceivable had somehow found a way to come true.
As I stood next to a Skygazer tree, I discovered that my hands, my face, in fact my entire skin had unexpectedly turned blue. Also, on my head was a long, thick, black braid that wasn’t there before.
What had happened? I could simply not believe my own eyes.

The inconceivable has happened!

I hadn’t gone crazy; the world had gone crazy.
I madly looked all around me and saw on a grassy bank near the Skygazer tree lay my cell phone; it’s signal was still strong.
This surely had to be a hallucination. I picked up the cellphone and wanted to verify if I was normal or not by calling someone.
Suddenly a blue arm reached out from behind the Skygazer tree and stole my cell phone.

The cell phone was the same as before, but the world had already changed.

I raised my eyes and saw now a beautiful girl with skin color completely identical to mine. On her forehead she had a strange tattoo.
She stood beneath the Skygazer tree and directed a small giggle at me.
Who is she? Why does she also have this kind of blue skin?
I felt uncertain about this, but then I saw this mysterious girl open her red lips and softly say a word:”ALIANYA?”

A mysterious girl in blue from head to toe appeared before my side.

I did not know what she was talking about; all I could do was nod my head.
The mysterious girl’s face immediately brightened up, and then brought together her lips to issue a shrill ear-piercing whistle.
In the blink of an eye, I heard several disturbing rustling noises scattered all around me. As my eyes following my ears, I saw two people who were likewise covered in blue skin, a man and a woman, coming out from behind an enormously tall Skygazer tree and stood right before me.
Who are they? I was completely confused. Why are all the people here blue?
Through all this vagueness, I suddenly had a bizarre feeling. I felt as though I had seen their faces before in those of the Hani local young boy and girl; they were one and the same.

The Alianya tribe people ran towards me.

“ALIANYA?” the blue-skinned boy and girl asked using strange sounds to repeat the same three words the mysterious girl had said.
The mysterious girl nodded her head, and the boy eyed with with a strange look. He stood underneath the Skygazer tree, unceasingly changing his expression.
I could see that he was full of suspicion and would not easily trust me.

The young man suddenly pushed aside the mysterious girl and whisked out a crossbow that was hidden behind him. He raised it to a ready position cocked with a feather arrow and aimed it at me.
I only knew too well; all he had to do was to loosen the trigger and an arrow dipped in poison would be shot into my chest.
What does he want? All I am is an average rainforest seeking tourist, why is he so full of hostility towards me?
Underneath the shadow of the Skygazer crown of foliage, I had no possible escape!

These youngsters raised their crossbows and aimed them at me.

In the midst of having these youngsters vehemently aim their crossbows at me, the sky suddenly became full of seeds of pure white fluff that floated in. In front of me they spiraled and lingered upon my person, and little by little they settled upon my shoulders.
Such beautiful seeds! I couldn’t refrain from loudly calling out in wonderment!
As well, the faces of the blue-skinned youngsters exploded with joy. They put down their crossbows and unconsciously the hostility in their faces disappeared.

Bizarre seeds that dropped from the sky.

Once the mysterious girl saw the sky was full of floating bizarre seeds, she unexpectedly turned and madly ran off to the most distant part of the rain forest.
Her shadow disappeared underneath the enormously tall Skygazer trees.
Where did she go? Could it be that she is deliberately trying to escape me? I could not help but let loose a high cry.

Where am I? Who am I?

I turned one eye towards the blue-skinned youths and they revealed an understanding smile. Even though they have not yet said a word to me, I still felt as though they were encouraging me.
I lifted my head in the direction of the vanished mysterious girl, and once I collected myself, I lifted my my foot in the direction of the Skygazer trees and began to run wildly.
I must find her!

Running wildly in the rain forest.

Underneath the Skygazer trees and amidst the brush, I caught another glimpse of the mysterious girl. She stood underneath a wide broad leaf of a rainforest plant and with the corners of her mouth raised, faced me and smiled.
She put a few grotesque wild fruit on a leaf as a makeshift serving tray and offered it to me.
Is this for me to eat? Are these fruits edible?
I remember someone once told me, deep in the old forests of mountains it is not necessary to eat wild fruits. If they are edible, then they can be given to squirrels to eat instead of us.
It seemed as though the girl could see my meaning, and threw an encouraging glance my way.
I gathered my courage and took a fruit and put it to my mouth. It was sour and yet had a sweet flavor to it, and I never thought it could taste so good.
Afterwards, I couldn’t help but reach out into the tree above and pick a fruit myself.

Once again we meet

After I had eaten the fruit the pure white fluffy seeds came back. They spiraled around the two of us and landed on our shoulders.
The mysterious girl spread out her two hands widely focused her gaze on a white fluffy seed that landed in the middle of her palm.
What is it? While I was feeling uncertain, a sweet fragrant gust of wind came and blew the white seed off her palm and could be seen spiraling again in the air, slowly drifting down.
My, such exquisite beauty!
After a short while she raised her head and placed her bright red lips next to my ear and lightly whispered: “You really are Alianya”.
Alianya? What is Alianya? I have already heard this word twice.

The bizarre seeds once again fall down from the sky on me.

It seemed as though the mysterious girl could see my bewilderment. She picked up a seed and said to me, “Only a hero with a pure heart and soul would have the tree’s spirit seeds come spiral around them.”
Tree spirit? A hero with a pure soul?
Well, I once had bravely crossed the Skygazer tree corridor which was mounted up in the sky; by doing so that had already proved my bravery. And now these white seeds have drifted down; does this mean I have a pure soul?
The mysterious woman nodded her head, and again spoke softly into my ear, “Yes, you are Alianya, the people’s hero as bestowed by Heaven itself! We need you, we need your help!”

Spiraling in the air.

作者:庄秦FROMCQ 回复日期:2010-05-06 23:19:48  108#

As I have the same internet connection as they do upstairs it sometimes happens that the internet speed sometimes gets screwed up, and my picture uploads aren’t successful.
Before I upload my picture, here is a real “tree spirit” seed.
I want to share this with everyone, isn’t it beautiful?

作者:庄秦FROMCQ 回复日期:2010-05-06 23:21:36 109#

Here’s another picture of the “tree spirit” seed!
The light shining upon it makes it the more beautiful.

When we were taking the picture we weren’t paying attention, in the middle of this picture is the companion to the Hani “Black Horse Prince” (Un-Prince Charming). Our photographer suddenly picked it off the ground.

Hani men say this is the seed of the Skygazer tree, I have not thought that such a pretty living thing could exist on Earth; it really is a mystical rain forest…

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To continue with yesterday’s picture…


Need my help? Need what help?
I had too many questions, and I eagerly awaited her answers.
She paused a bit, and when she spoke her tone suddenly became imposing: “The rubber tree forest is encroaching on our rain forest at this very moment, with each rubber tree that is planted a Skygazer tree comes crashing down; with each passing day the total area of the rain forest continues to diminish. To make a complete recovery, we must let the gestating spirit of the rain forest return to Mother Earth.
Spirit of the rain forest? This was the first time I had heard this phrase.
The eyes of the mysterious girl suddenly met mine; she said, staring directly at me: “The rain forest is pregnant and expecting to deliver a god, and that god is the spirit of the rain forest!”

Only the “spirit of the rain forest” has the ability to save the people from plunging into an abyss of misery and suffering

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However, the greedy and avaricious people of the Earth have always coveted the spirit of the rain forest and have wanted to capture it.
Once they are able to capture the god-fetus inside the pregnant rain forest, these people will be able to dominate the rain forest. The ultimate fantasy of these people is to transform the rain forest into an paradise of rubber plant trees!
It seems as though some people have helped these evil people in already determining the exact location of the gestating god of the rain forest. Through scamming and exploitation they have made use of a bulldozer and are cutting down trees, and are closing in step by step towards the deepest part of the Skygazer trees.
The mysterious girl and her simularily blue-skinned companions are the spirited and plucky guardians of the rainforest, the following the same role as those before them had done previously and then passed down through the generations: to always protect the impregnated rain forest and the earth bank containing the unborn god.
They call themselves “Alianya”. In the words of these local people these three words mean “the forest with the trees”.

The greedy and avaricious type of person allows the “spirit of the rain forest” to be threatened

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The Alianya protect the spirit of the rain forest, and I am their newest recruit.
In order to resist against foreign intruders, I need to learn each of the skills the Alianya use to survive in the rain forest.
The mysterious girl took out a bow and some arrows and gave them to me. She pouted her lips as if to say to me, “You know how to use one of these things, do you?”
Pffft! How hard can this be? Back in the city, my favorite hobby was throwing darts.
I took the bow and with indifference I pulled back the string; however, in doing so I neglected to put an arrow in it.
The girl made a supressed a giggle; naturally, she wasn’t that type of person to ridicule or jeer at someone. However, I became so shy that I felt ashamed to show my face–Heaven knows if a blue face still allowed someone to blush and feel embarassed.
Why shouldn’t I be skilled at hitting my target?
I picked a few wild fruits to use as targets from a neighboring tree, and, calming my heartbeat and aiming, I summoned all my skill to throw a dart. It squarely hit the target across from us.
Bam! By lucky coincidence, upon impact the fruit shattered upon impact.
“Ha ha ha!” Out of the girl a cheerful sound came out.

“Alianya” are always on guard, expecting…

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As the daylight faded, the mysterious girl took me down to the blue, undulating waves of the Nanla River.
She let me stand on a bamboo raft on my own. And then after having untied the rope and unhitched the raft, she kicked it out with her foot.
In an instant, the surface of the bamboo raft became slick as the waves of the Nanla River beat against my craft.
I suddenly began to panic; to extended my hand into the Nanla River to pick up a withered old tree branch; I wanted to row the bamboo raft back to shore.
But with such a slender branch, can I really smoothly guide the raft back?
She stood at the riverbank laughing heartily, and yet she kept repeatingly flashing hand signals towards me almost as if to say: “I am able to do this under my own power, I can operate this bamboo raft by myself.”
Rely on my own strength, my own power? Don’t rely on the tree branch?
Peace would not come to my heart as I lifted up the the tree branch in my hand and watched attentively to the river water spilling onto the raft.

At that time to my mind came an incomparable stillness; I discovered that I could feel the raft and I slowly but surely become one.

I need to learn each survival skill of the rain forest.

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I tried out this idea to marshall the bamboo raft under my command, and bade it to turn left. And, in fact, it did; slowly and unhurriedly it began to shift, drifting lazily towards the left.
Yahoo! I really could rely on my own power and smoothly operate the bamboo raft.
With the Nanla River flat as a mirror, I could see my own blue reflection in it.
I was happy like a madman, I wanted to let the mysterious girl know of my joy. But as I looked over to the riverbank, I could not see her footprints anymore.
After a long while she finally returned. She told me she had gone into the rain forest to rest a bit.
I asked her where she rested, and she pointed beside a banana tree.
Although I couldn’t see with my own eyes exactly on which banana leaf she rested, but I could still guess the circumstances at that time.

The beautiful Alianya below the Skygazer trees.

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On the raft I played so happily that I just about forgot everything else; seemingly both the raft and I became as one, and together we went sight-seeing on the Nanla River.



The hero upon the Nanla River

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I was indescribably excited, and I could not refrain myself from yelling out a loud cry.
I need to let everyone hear my roar!

Who am I? I am “Alianya”!

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Unconsciously, I began to feel a hunger in my belly. I steered the bamboo raft towards the riverbank. There, the mysterious girl smiled a smile and hopped aboard the raft.
She extended her arms and inserted them into the clear river water. When she retracted them she held in her hands a fresh, fat wriggling fish.
She picked up some dry firewood and by rubbing two sticks together she eventually made a fire.
With her bare hands she roasted the live fish. Although no condoments or seasonings were used, the cooked flavor was enjoyable beyond description.

Enjoying what the rain forest has bestowed upon us; sharing the jungle’s happiness

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While we were sharing the immensely enjoying feast, suddenly a shrill howling came from the bowels of the rain forest.
The mysterious girl’s expression changed abruptly. She stood up and grabbed the mat-awning we were sitting under, and started scanning the rain forest, her eyes full of anxiety.
What had happened in the rain forest? I would not let myself get nervous.
The mysterious girl lightly jumped up and then with light and graceful steps began to run wildly into the rain forest.
The place she was headed towards was the same place the shrill howl came from.
I followed behind her, and I unexpectedly discovered that the speed of my running had somehow increased from the time before I had entered the rain forest.
On the other hand, it really wasn’t so strange since I had already become one of the Alianya.
Just as we entered the rain forest, we saw the Alianya youths waiting fretfully for us.


A howl breaks the stillness of the rain forest

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What happened? Was the shriek we just heard made by them?
The Alianya youth didn’t say a word, but just silently turned his head. He faced the deep, secluded part of the rain forest; his face revealed he was deeply concerned about something.
Immediately the mysterious girl became nervous.
What were they nervous about? I could help but let my heart has misgivings.
“Follow us!” The mysterious girl lead me by the hand and again we went deep into the heart of the forest running wildly.

It was as though the youths were suggesting something.

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“Where are we going?” I asked.
Without turning her head back to answer, the mysterious girl said: “We are going to the secret location of the spirit of the rain forest’s birthing place!”
Oh, the spirit of the rain forest; this time I was on the verge of meeting the mythical unborn spirit of the rain forest.
However, how can that screech be explained? Could it be that the greedy hunters have already intruded into the rain forest?
After passing through a portion of the rain forest crammed with plants, we stopped in our tracks on a slope in front of a Skygazer tree.
The mysterious girl pointed at the leaning Skygazer tree and said: “Follow me as I climb up to the crown of the tree; we are going to check out whether or not the tree is secure.”
She took the initiative in climbing up the Skygazer tree; I followed behind her, quick and lithely.

Climbing up to the peak of the holy tree

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Each night Si Mao’s schoolmate does Photoshop each night and is finished by the next day; and now finally we have 11 copies.
Afterwards there will be more, it looks next afternoon she will be able to do more. Then next evening she will continue.

This time, I will show you a poster.

Actually filmed live on location in Xishuangbanna
Skygazer Tree – ALIANYA
雨林之魂 待觉醒
Spirir of the Rainforest, Waiting to Wake Up and Be Aware
In May 2010, we politely await your arrival
壮泰,四毛 作品
Zhuang Tai, Si Mao creators/producers

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Continue to post new pictures

The mysterious girl’s shadow disappeared amidst the overgrowth of the Skygazer leaves, but I could yet still see a dark figure.
Suddenly my path became obstructed.
It was a figure dressed in black and he had a bald head; in his hand he aimed a crossbow at me, and on his face appeared a dark, fierce, sarcastic smile.
“Alianya, tell me: where is the spirit of the rain forest?” he coldly asked.


In confront the enemy of the rain forest he reveals himself

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Suddenly, an edgy shrill whistle came from somewhere above my head.
I lifted my head but all I could see was a blue figure skim by me from the sky.
It was the blue-skinned Alianya youth; he was holding onto a vine and was swinging over to the leaning Skygazer tree.

The Alianya youth coming from out of the sky, screaming.

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Following with a scream, Alianya placidly dropped down beside me, and then with one hand pushed me aside.
I let him push me down the tree. As he lifted up his head, he coldly stared at the bald-headed man in the black clothes.
I know; he pushed me down the tree in order to save me from harm.
The bald-headed black suited thug unconsciously retreated backwards several steps in a row. The imposing manner of the youth had scared him somewhat.

Forcibly push back the enemies of the rain forest

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The young man held up his crossbow and held it up to aim with a cold eye. In a stern voice he shouted to the bald man to immediately get out of the rain forest and to stop coveting the treasure that lay within.
However, the Alianya people are kind and honest. The youth had made an oath; he would never use arrows dipped in poison and steal the lives of other people, even if it were evil people who were attempting to steal the spirit.
Faced with an arrow, the bald-headed black suited man couldn’t refrain from showing his fear. He timidly jumped off the tree trunk and buried his head in his hands as he ran away fleeing deep into the rain forest.
So it turned out that the evil person was lacking in self-confidence and when faced with righteousness could only choose to flee.
We couldn’t help but clap and celebrate our victory.

Sworn protectors to the death of the Pure Land of the rain forest

(NOTE: the story just jumps to this point, apparently. No mention is made of who exactly shot the youth (bald men in black notwithstanding) or when he was shot (since the bald man in black was too busy retreating)

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The feather arrow went through his chest and ripped open a seam of blood in it like a flower in bloom.
It was as though his heart was not willing; he couldn’t believe the world would go so far as to be this sinister.

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The youth unhurriedly collapsed onto the leaning Skygazer tree trunk.
There; that is the place where birds reside in their nests; nests in which birds use their beaks to carry back wild grass for their nests, and drop seeds inside holes in tree trunks.
If he is still able to grant himself good fortune, then into which next form will the Alianya youth reincarnate?
My heart could not help but be sad and cold.

The god fern in bloom

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The youth’s companion held his bleeding chest, and soundlessly sobbed.
Deep in my heart I silently told myself that this was necessary in order for the people of the rain forest to come and go on the circle of life, because there must be those that need to be reborn.
Afterwards, underneath the leaning Skygazer tree I picked up the fallen Alianya youth’s crossbow and was determined to get revenge.
However, the rain forest is vast and endless; where would I go to root out this evil bald-headed man clad in black?


The wheel of life, always to be reborn

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As I was in the midst of all this haziness, the mysterious girl made her way gingerly next to me.
In a low voice she whispered to me: “To confront these evil people who will try in vain to destroy our rain forest, why don’t we use the power of the rain forest to destroy them?”
The power of the rain forest?
It was as if I had a kind of enlighteded feeling.

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In a soft voice the mysterious girl said into my ear, “Let all the creatures of the rain forest come and punish these bad people. Come still your heart, and with great detail listen respectfully to these many creatures’ calling. You are a person of a pure soul and heart, you can melt harmoniously together with them as one…”
According to her instructions, I calmed my heartbeat and spread out my two arms and silently using my soul I communicated with all the many creatures of the rain forest.
Truthfully, I could indeed hear each and every distant and dark call of the many creatures of the rain forest, every last cry and roar and whimper.

All things on earth have souls

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A portion of strong aura lingered within me. I felt as though I was floating in the air, and my whole body felt warm and foreign.
It seemed as though I knew what I had to do, thereupon I closed my eyes and concentrated. I silently prayed in my heart:
“All the creatures in the rain forest: you are to go punish these disgraceful wreckers!”

Within the deep and obscure lies a variety of power that is concentrated

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After a long time I’ve let everybody wait for this complete update… okay, I’ll continue
The mysterious girl grasped my hand, and together we ran off together towards the secluded part of the jungle.
Beside a small creek, we saw that bald-headed man struggling in pain. It wasn’t clear how but he had somehow gotten rolled up in a banana leaf. We could see he was packed in there tightly and that he was slowly being constricted.
The top of the bald man’s head was oozing sweat and his expression was very pained, but I nevertheless felt I was unable to express my joy.
The bald-headed man fell to the ground and the banana leaf plant immediately went limp. As if it possessed life and moved around like this normally, the banana leaf again wrapped itself around his head.
On the mysterious girl face was written an expression of nervousness, just like before. What was she nervous about? Of course, she was concerned about the pregnant rain forest and the unborn spirit of the rain forest and whether or not it was still safe and unharmed.

They always get their comeuppance in the end

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She led me by the hand again to return back to the leaning Skygazer tree.
Following the trunk of the tree, we went right to the end. And then there, with our eyes dancing about we were suddenly enlightened.
Right in front of us there emerged a gigantic Skygazer tree, both perfectly straight and enormously tall.
I looked up but could only see the ends of the tree branches, all floating in a halo of light.
Within the halo we could just see the form of a maiden with a coiled figure; her two hands were clasped about her knees, and she was in a deep slumber.
This was the spirit of the rain forest!
The mysterious girl told me in a sincere tone that within the egg of the spirit of the rain forest this unborn spirit was its god and protector.
The pregnancy of the spirit of the rain forest requires a period of a thousand years until it can finally break the shell of its egg and hatch. Just recently, these couple of days have been the final portion of the pregnancy.
Once she hatches and emerges, the world and all its creatures will heal and recover.
The Alianya people have served as the quick and plucky protectors of the egg; each generation they have stood on guard nearby and prevented any evil doers to come close.
As the spirit of the rain forest has been gestating within the egg, it could only be pregnant in the closest spot possible.
But because the environment has deteriorated, the plucky egg has continually relied on the spirit of he rain forest and its idea to relocate; so a few years back it has come to the Xishuangbanna tropical rain forest.
But, a million years have come and the clever spirit hunters have come, greedy for the spirit of the rain forest.
The evil people have started up their bulldozer and have gradually been encroaching upon the original rain forest.
The Alianya have been searching for a hero with a pure heart, and they see that person in me. Letting me traverse the sky corridor was their way of testing my courage.
When I had fainted they had transformed me into an Alianya and taught me all the skills required to survive in the rain forest.
And right now they need me to squeeze out a drop of blood from my fingertip and sprinkle it upon the plucky egg.
According to her instructions, I made a slit upon my hand.
A drop of fresh blood dripped upon the plucky egg.
And then something magical appeared before my eyes…

The spirit of the rain forest atop the Skygazer tree

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I had no way to describe it; at that moment all the words of the human language had their use forfeited in light of this phenomenon.
Right in front of my eyes was a lithe and graceful dancing spirit clad in white. She unhurriedly brandished her pure white wings.
She pursed her red lips to speak, and although the sound was low and delicate and she spoke a language I had never heard before, I nevertheless was still able to understand her without any problem.


Recurring every thousand years; the land is reborn

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She told us that if the shell of the spirit of the rain forest had been broken then all the creatures of the world would not recover completely.
All the people of the world need to alter their own notions and thoughts.
Wherever we lived we would ask for more; to that, it would retaliate all the more.
Although within these one thousand years the spirit of the rain forest had been inside the clever egg gestating, she still always had been paying close attention to the Earth.
Drought, mining disasters, earthquake, tsunamis, volcanic ash covering the sky and blocking out the sun, the hole in the ozone layer getting larger, global warming…
Whether or not the environment recovers or deteriorates all depends upon the hatching of the spirit of the rain forest; from a distance it is not enough.
We all need to let the “spirit of the rain forest” inside every person’s heart to awake and become aware!


The spirit of the rain forest looks around her and sees every living creature

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I don’t know when, but at last I discovered that I could not see the footprints of the mysterious girl of the Alianya people.
And when the spirit of the rain forest came out, I unexpectedly felt that her features when compared with the mysterious girl were exactly one and the same.
What was this? Could it be that while the spirit of the rain forest was gestating her spirit had already overflowed out of the egg and from dark and obscure depths had been guiding me all along?

Her red lips pursed and would open up the mysteries of nature

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The spirit drew her wings together and faced me. After a small laugh, she quiet watched me attentively.
During this watchful gaze of her, I appeared to understand one thing.
Oh, I understand now, I am also one of the common people.
I need to awake.
Here in the rain forest I had this chance encounter with the Alianya people. With my own two eyes I have witnessed the marvel of the birth of the spirit of the rain forest, and from her own mouth have heard about the mysteries of nature.
However, not every person on Earth can get the kind of opportunity I have gotten.
The spirit of the rain forest definitely wants to express through my own words to let the “spirit of the rain forest” in everyone’s heart to awaken and become aware.
I know what I have to do now.
Once get back to normal civilization, I must not spare any effort in publicizing this message and protect the last of the rain forest.


If only each person would awaken

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Once again love and bravery is given back to all of Earth’s creatures

Once again love and bravery is given back to all of Earth’s creatures

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If there is no more rain forest, then there is no more water. If there is no more water, then there is no more crops. And if there is no more crops, then humanity would not exist anymore.”
The spirit of the rain forest spoke slowly.
But although these were obviously simple words, my hearing them was like achieving enlightenment.
I couldn’t help but hop atop the leaning Skygazer tree and give a shout.
But in that instant, I suddenly felt my body tremble. Then, I fell down from the tree trunk and landed in some some underbrush and then just like before, I fainted…

The world at last can be reborn

作者:庄秦FROMCQ 回复日期:2010-05-11 21:05:05

I unhurriedly stirred awake and I discovered I was cold right to the bone. In the air I heard the sound of someone singing a song. Opening my eyes, I discovered I was lying in an open public square of some sort. I was surrounded by many villagers who were singing and dancing as they made their way towards me.
So, isn’t this the public square next to that pier when I first came here?

I’ve awakened

作者:庄秦FROMCQ 回复日期:2010-05-11 21:08:22

I was in the rain forest and I saw both the Alianya people as well as the spirit of the rain forest. Could it be that it was just a long and strange dream?
But why was this dream so real and life-life?

This was a dream?

作者:庄秦FROMCQ 回复日期:2010-05-11 21:12:06

Seeing that I had regained consciousness, the singing and dancing girls and boys crowded around me. I could hear that they were singing a song praying for rain to fall on their village.
“If there is no rain forest, there is no water. If there is no water, there is no crops. If there is no crops, then mankind would not exist.”
Aren’t these the same words the spirit of the rain forest said to me underneath the Skygazer tree?
I couldn’t help but feel unsure about something.
Already, I had no way to distinguish reality from a dream.

Or is it reality?

作者:庄秦FROMCQ 回复日期:2010-05-11 21:13:53

My body suddently started to shake for I saw standing in the middle of the beautiful girls someone I had just seen back in the rain forest; wasn’t that the “spirit of the rain forest”?
I wanted to stand up, but my two feet still lacked strength. I simply did not have the ability to move.
That beautiful girl could not help but smile.
Yes, I am confident; she is the mysterious girl of the Alianya people. Also, she is the “spirit of the rain forest,” just like in my dream!


作者:庄秦FROMCQ 回复日期:2010-05-11 21:15:52

这是什么 ? 族徽?
What is this? A tribal emblam?

Is she “Alianya”?

作者:庄秦FROMCQ 回复日期:2010-05-11 21:18:12

I suddently discovered something right underneath my foot. Lowering my head, I saw that it was some kind of strange symbol.
I seem to remember the “Alianya” people wearing this exact symbol as a tattoo upon their foreheads.
Oh, I understand now; in fact, it was all not a dream.

A totem?

作者:庄秦FROMCQ 回复日期:2010-05-11 21:19:53

Once I raised my head again, I saw the public square had become lonely and barren.
The beautiful girl could not be seen anymore, as well as all the singing and dancing people; it was just as though they had never appeared.
Again, I couldn’t tell the difference between fact and fiction.
I really wanted to let myself encounter it again so I could tell my friends back in the city.
From the ground I picked up the cell phone; when I flipped open the top, I could see on the screen inside two blue fingerprints.
Oh, I remember now; back in the rain forest when I discovered I had turned into Alianya, I had picked up the cell phone that was lying on the ground, still as before; then the mysterious girl had extended her arm and snatched it, running away.
Could it be that these two fingerprints were left by her?
No, this wasn’t a dream, these two fingerprints could prove everything.

Was this a dream?

作者:庄秦FROMCQ 回复日期:2010-05-11 21:22:30

However, unbeknownst to me, while I was staring at the fingerprints on the cell phone, from far away somebody was staring at me…

No, maybe it has just begun!

作者:庄秦FROMCQ 回复日期:2010-05-11 21:24:23

Thank you everybody for your continuing to pay close attention to this story. This story is completely devoted to all of you, and after this there will be shown a short video. We are intensifying our efforts to complete it. At that time everybody can see an even more complete story. Thank you everybody for your support!


At the pace of every two seconds in the tropical rainforest the equivalent of a soccer field disappears, and according to this rate within ten years all the rainforest on the planet will completely disappear


And in China, the fact that unusual climate occurs frequently as well as the fact that the fauna in forests is being destroyed have a close relationship…


Do we continue sleeping, or do we wake up? Do we let things end? Or do we start something…?

作者:庄秦FROMCQ 回复日期:2010-05-13 16:47:42 410#

Of course; we also need to publicly announce our photography team, ha ha

And now, just some more pictures if you haven’t had enough. Because no, no you haven’t.
Tourism’s most creative memorable moments for the year 2010
China’s destination that most resembles the planet of Pandora
2010 年5 月份一位来自重庆的游客在网络发布了游览我景区后的游记作品
Tourists: in May, 2010 come to Chongqing and see for yourself the internet-made-famous scenic spot

The above is a shot taken by the “Alianya” production crew while on location in Xishuangbanna, and the below is concept art for the film “Avatar”. Go figure.


About Chinese Names

With respect to any language, whether it be English or Putonghua, the goal of this blog is simple and direct: to speak and write it well.

Chinglish, as many well know, is a horrible bastardization of both languages. For cross-cultural learners, Chinglish is an unfortunate necessity in the beginning to middle stages of development. Entire web sites have been erected at pointing out the horribles gaffes, and despite being a one-line joke, it can devolve into a one-line joke several hundred web pages long.

We should all strive to speak and write well, no matter which language we are speaking. However, in regards to this blog there will be definitely one area of Chinglish that will persist: that of names.

Names are hard to translate. What looks to be an ungodly mess of a Chinese name in English is only mirrored by the same effect when an English name is transliterated into Chinese. Sure, it looks pretty enough to tattoo on yourself but just as Chinese names changed into English are, English names changed into Chinese make no sense, or worse, have terrible meanings.

For example, James Cameron made some bad 3D movie about an internet sexual fetish and called it “Avatar”. This movie was released in China as well, and it is known by the name “阿凡达”. “阿凡达” is most definitely a Chinese word, but it also most definitely does not make a lick of sense. Like many other English names changed into Chinese, the individual Chinese characters are not used for their meaning but just for their sound quality so that they mimick the English name as close as possible. In this case, Avatar becomes “阿”(a1) “凡”(fan2) “达”(da2), where “a1fan2da2” is the closest approximation of Chinese characters to the English word “Avatar”. Other examples of this English to Chinese transliteration include “麦当劳“ (McDonalds) and “可口可乐“ (Coca Cola).

As mentioned, this name usually makes no sense. In the case of Avatar or “阿凡达”, the best it can mean it “Achieving Ordinary”; in the case of McDonalds, it means more or less “Wheat Acting as Toil”. The usual line of thinking is that names aren’t supposed to make sense, and Chinese usually gloss over this fact.

That makes it all the more strange when English transliterated names in fact do have meaning in Chinese; “可口可乐“ means “Very Mouth Very Happy” in Chinese. However, it becomes all the more convoluted when the original name means something in English, like Avatar, but when changed into Chinese means nothing at all.

Chinese names translated into English suffer through the same indignities of having been mangled, but for different reasons. While English names often don’t have any present and direct meaning without having to consult a book that refers to previous generations, Chinese names almost without exception all have meaning.

Chinese names are regarded as very important and their meaning as significant. While the parents of a newborn may take an afternoon mulling it over before deciding to name their new son “Max”, Chinese parents will ask their parents who will consult other elders and books before coming up with a fortuitous name.

This significance of meaning and importance is lost when a Chinese name is changed into English. The common technique is to take the pinyin putonghua of the name, strip it of its tone value, and then reprint it without any concern to its actually meaning.

For example, Tiananmen Square is a famous place (some would say INFAMOUS) in Beijing, China. Tiananmen Square written in Chinese is 天安门广场, and most definitely has meaning in Chinese. Tiananmen Square is known in Chinese “the public square of The Gates of Heavenly Peace”. I’m sure whoever came up with that name took a long time in figuring it out, and as such the meaning of the name most definitely has significance.

As such, English speakers often have no idea of the meaning of the Chinese names they are speaking even though they are clear and present to Chinese speakers. Beijing is “北京”, “Northern Capital”. Shanghai is “上海”, “On the Ocean”. Hong Kong is “香港”, “Fragrant Harbor”. This meaning is lost to English speakers.

Yong4 pin1yin1 ba3 han4yu3 bian4cheng2 ying1yu3 zhen1 mei2you3 yi1si.
Just because Chinese is written in pinyin doesn’t mean anything.

As such, to try to preserve this meaning as much as possible as well as to demonstrate my ability to understand this meaning in this blog I will always attempt to fully translate names from Chinese to English. Doing so will cause some cross-cultural tension. It may sound strange to English speakers that Chinese have names with meaning not unlike native Americans with their “Dances with Wolves” and “She Who Shakes Her Fist”. However, it is true.

I can understand how some people may see this as a slight and be tempted to call it a racist act. However, I see peace and harmony achievable only through understanding and acceptance; as such, I will continue to translate names as honestly and truthfully as I can.

Yes, unfortunately it’s Chinglish. It will be laughable. But as a student of putonghua I need to know what Chinese names mean. I think everybody should know. In the end, I will take it as a compliment if the English names I come up with are easily translatable back to Chinese.