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非诚勿扰: 富二代 Rich Second Generation (English)

This is the English transcript of the 富二代Rich Second Generation episode of 非诚勿扰。

Enjoy. Cry. Laugh a little.

Once again, I’d appreciate any suggestions or help with the transcript.


Cloud Superior:
Hi everybody, my name is Murdering Cloud Superior
I am 23 years old.

Welcome, Murdering Cloud Superior
Glance over the 24 girls facing you
Got a good look?
(he chooses Contestant 11)
Whether or not you are able to date your choice of girl
depends upon your ability as a man
To the 24 ladies directly opposite me
Give a glance over to
The not so obviously confident young man in front of you
Killer Cloud Superior
What is your first impression?
Please think it over.

Please make your selection
(after a moment of consideration, 16 women reject him)
(remainder: 8/24)
After mulling it over for so long
They have left you with a lucky number
Of the total remaining contestants
Horse Promise, why have you put out your light?

Horse Promise:
I feel that only a young man with nice wide shoulders can provide me with the comfort of security

Cloud Superior:
Really? I think that you’re really strange. I think that a young man whose stature is proportionate can give the comfort of feeling secure as well as be pleasing to the eye, don’t you think?

Horse Promise:
But I like young men with broad wide shoulders; is that okay with you?

Cloud Superior:
For sure

Horse Promise
Well, thank you

Cloud Superior:
[in English] Okay

Killer Pondering 7-9am

Pondering 7-9am:
He just said that his stature is better than most, but I feel that his legs are too short and the trunk of his body is too long, I find you inappropriate for me

Cloud Superior:
So is what you are saying is that
Your body parts are all in proportion?
I find you very strange

Pondering 7-9am:
I think you don’t have any manners

Cheerful Praise, Advisor:
How you found
Whenever someone gives an answer
He likes to answer back

Because we have seen those male contestants
Whose background aren’t bad, who are good-looking
All round good guys
And when the girls answer back just they have like right now
These guys silently just accept it all
Even while wearing a smile on their face

Cloud Superior:
I don’t like it
Because that’s how I am, that’s my character
I’m just like that
I think these girls are all hypocritical
I’m the one honest person here
I think they are all just pretending

Horse Promise:
Who’s hypocritical?

Cloud Superior:
Beats me
I’m just saying hypocritical people are hypocritical
If you’ve been following my words you’ll know who I’m talking about

Some Unidentified Chick: (S.U.C.)
Hold it! Un-eldest Host, let’s see the next segment.

Let’s watch this tape detailing his personal information

[Fundamental Information]
Hi everybody, my name is Murdering Cloud Superior
I am 23 years old
I work at a negotiable securities company
And also have my own business
This year I have been making preparations for my store
My store is located in a mall
A large scale
Spicy sichuanese restaurant
I believe all of you ladies who enjoy eating spicy food
Will definitely enjoy it
And I will welcome you
As my loyal customers.
If you come here
I can treat you to eat for free
The business of negotiable securities is
One that is day to day and uncertain, for sure
Because recently the market prices have not been good
Therefore I say that recently things have been “easy come, easy go”
And I put down that place(?)
But really it doesn’t matter
Regarding the knowledge of market prices sometimes
Each month I can make 30 to 50 thousand
It isn’t too bad

The Military Sound of Wind and Rain, do you find the amount of his salary to be satisfactory?

The Military Sound of Wind and Rain:
It’s alright

Wormwood Jade, and you?

Wormwood Jade:
Not too shabby
However, I want to eat spicy
I hope he can take me out to go eat spicy food

Cloud Superior:
Can do
As long as you’re up for it we can go everyday

Wormwood Jade:
Really? Do I really have this honor?

Cloud Superior:
Yes, you do, just give it a try

Mustache First Monarch, do you like to eat spicy?

Mustache First Monarch:
Very much so
Also there is…

With your voice being the way it is
And yet still insisting on eating spicy food
Will you be able to speak?

First Monarch:
Can do, the more the merrier

Ok. “Miami”, you have put your light out but you still want to say something

“Miami”: (her Chinese name is meaningless and it sounds just like the English name for “Miami”)
That’s right, I can look at this guy all day long and still not know him
I want to ask you
Do you have anything else that you’d like to strut your stuff with?
You “new money” second generation?

Cloud Superior:
I haven’t been showing off
I just like what I do
I think this is none of your business to complain about

I think that your current condition
Is similar to an infant who hasn’t been weaned off breastfeeding yet
Your mother won’t give you her teat to suck
So you cry out “Waaah! Waaah!”
I think you owe an apology to
To your father and mother for having them give you this life and position
I think you have the ability to grow up to be a completely mature adult
And become a wonderful person

Good! Now come, let’s watch
And discover why he is at this station in life
We have just talked about his salary
Let’s take a look
At how much he owns in his bank account
On the big screen!

If my eyes do not deceive me
Then that figure should be six million
“Miami”, if you accept what we have just heard
Please tell all of us

“Miami”: (stammering)
I think that a man
At the time when you are choosing a girlfriend
We ladies are not saying “We are going to get a bank card”,
“Whoever has the highest position, I want that person’s card”
I take into consideration the emotions, I take into consideration the individual!

Military Sound of Wind and Rain, just now you wanted to say something

Military Sound of Wind and Rain:
Right from the very beginning, I haven’t said a word
Because I feel that a man
Who has such confidence,
After all, has his reasons for being like so
Before, I very much wanted to know
The source of all his confidence
And now, I know
I think that a man who has capitalist confidence (or confidence in money)
Is a very good man

Contestant #1, Thank Excellence
For a long time we haven’t talked to you
We would like to know your thoughts on this matter

Thank Excellence:
Each person is a book
I would like to read this particular book
And see how it ends
The reason why I haven’t put out my light
Is because I have been enjoying watching
His display of confidence
Because although we Chinese pay particular attention to the “Golden Mean” (everything in moderation)
We, however, also need this way of doing things
People with courage
Otherwise everyone will be the same and act in moderation
Forever stuck in their shells
Forever never wanting to come out
This type of person can be different

Murdering Cloud Superior, what does he normally like to do?
Next clip please

[Interests and Hobbies]
Cloud Superior:
Normally I hang out with my friends
We go racing, we go to bars
We go clubbing, we go to karaoke
Later we go play golf
Or go fishing
Nothing too spectacular
Anyways the speed isn’t too fast
We go drifting
We go skidding
These are things I’m all good at doing
This car is the one I usually use for fun
Actually at my home
I have a few more other cars
At present my best car
Is my BMW 3 Series (blah blah blah-sorry I don’t understand the tech talk)
Right now I in the process of modifying it
Let me think, oh yeah
Doesn’t Horse Promise really like BMW cars?
Since she wants to cry so much
Would it be better to come cry in my BMW
I think it wouldn’t be so bad

Our rules are
Once you have put out your light, you can not put it back on again
This is based on principle
Horse Promise, if I could bend the rules for you
And let you put the light back on again
Would you be willing to do so?

Horse Promise:
Forget it, I don’t like people who show off better than me
(spoken: Forget it, I don’t like people who fart smellier than I do)


Military Sound of Wind and Rain, after you have watched this video
Say a bit of what you’re feeling for us to hear

Military Sound of Wind and Rain:
Very good
But I’d just like to ask you one question:
Where did your money you so like to show-off come from?
(spoken: Where did you stinky fart money come from?)

Cloud Superior:
I a) did not steal and b) did not rob
It was earned by myself
I have a clear conscience about it

Military Sound of Wind and Rain:
It was all made completely by yourself?
Did you somehow make money before the first time you did business?
Was your first use of capital your own money?

Cloud Superior:
Actually my parents had a bit part in helping me with my first amount of capital
But, it was my buying shares on the stock market that really made the capital into what it is

Everybody knows
That the first start-up capital is the hardest to come by
But you said that your parents had a small hand in helping you with this
How can we understand?
Can you explain for us:
Your parents gave you
your start-up money
and then you took it from there and made it grow, is that right?

Cloud Superior:
You can understand it that way
But I think that parents
That give their children a sum of money
That is to say, to give them capital to do business with
These parents are showing confidence in their child and their talents
First, you have to establish this talent and skill
And then your parents will have confidence in you
And then they will give you the money, correct?
Moreover, I have not wasted this money they have given me
I have not gone spending this money
Instead, I have made this money grow
I feel that this thing
That is to say, my ability here
Is why I turned out this way.

Do you believe that in this world
If someone with abilities far greater than yours
But because their parents
Did not give them start-up capital
Could they end up in a tragic situation?

Cloud Superior:
I don’t believe it
Because I feel
Regarding one person’s abilities
Regarding even if they didn’t have money in the beginning to start with
They can still succeed

I’d like to ask, Thanks Excellence
With this particular book you have turned a page
What is your feeling?
After reading what is your feeling?

Thank Excellence:
I am just a regular family person
I am willing to say
But I believe
Although my family circumstances is just average
I believe I can utilize my ability
And my own two hands
To give myself everything I ever wanted
So therefore, sorry to say, I don’t like you

Plum Dawn Graceful:
I’d just like to ask you
Up until now
Your bank account has reached six million
Have you thought about repaying your parents?
You have bought for yourself three sports cars
Have you bought a present for your parents yet?
Have you considered them on their birthdays
During their anniversary
Have you accompanied them, have you shown them filial piety?
Have you thought about using your money to repay your debt to society?

Cheerful Praise, Advisor:
In all truthfulness I really admire Cloud Superior
The thing I admire about you the most is
That up until now
I have not seen a person as brave as you
And so from the bottom of my heart, I’m telling you: I admire you
Even if, whether you know it or not
You are willing to fly in the face of the will of the people
How do I say it
Ah, this way
Have you heard last year in China
A lot of
Accidents were caused by children of wealthy parents
That caused bitterness and grievous bodily harm

Cloud Superior:
I know I know

Cheerful Praise:
You could talk about drifting and skidding
And talk about them in this light-hearted way
Don’t you think…

Cloud Superior:
There’s something I should clear up first
Just driving on the road has its own risks
However, the risk doesn’t come from the car
But instead from the person driving the car
And whether or not they have the skill to drive it

Cheerful Praise:
So anybody who gets into an accident
Will have said, “I think
My skill is apt and capable”

Cloud Superior:
I think these people who get into accidents are not certain of themselves
They don’t have the proper skill to drive

Cheerful Praise, Advisor:
Therefore you feel you have no problem then?
You feel you are sufficiently able to drive

Cloud Superior:
That’s right, I have the skill to drive well

In other words
As we just saw in that short clip
Cheerful Praise just brought up these couple of details from the video
It was Advisor Cheerful Praise talking about that kind of drifting
Because of these few details
Combined with last year and the many things that happened
People will naturally connect them together.
The things that you have glossed over
Perhaps, will your words cancel the painful memories of some people?
Have you thought about this?

Cloud Superior:
I’ve thought about it
However not everybody is the same
Actually those who made the scandal are just one aspect of the whole problem
Actually there are a lot of things to consider
Traffic accidents happen every day, you know?
Every day it happens
But because these particular cars weren’t modified
You don’t hear about them since they aren’t scandalous and controversial
Actually the risk is the same

Cheerful Praise, Advisor:
In the middle of that clip you were in
In an unprecedented action
And for the first time a contestant directly addressed the ladies in the roll call
“Horse Promise, don’t you want to ride in a BMW?
Then get in “Daddy’s” car and let’s go for a ride.”
Therefore you personally invested yourself in this matter
While you were saying these words
Did you feel you were absolutely able
To take Horse Promise away
Or did you feel
After saying these things
You could whisk any of these girls away?

Horse Promise:
Oh no, the main thing I was trying to say is
Not just any old BMW will do for me
I really do want to be taken away in a BMW, that’s correct
But there are just so many BMW’s to choose from
That’s what I mean

Cloud Superior:
No problem, at that time I was saying that
The reason is because
I saw your video (in which she said she’s rather sit in a BMW than on the back of a bike)

Just a little joke, that’s all

Cloud Superior:
That’s right, you don’t have to take it so seriously

Horse Promise:
Not so, I wasn’t even answering your question
I was answering Advisor Cheerful Praise’s question, thank you

Cheerful Praise, Advisor:
On the outside these two people are grinning cheekily
But on the inside these two are trading stinging verbal barbs
Really wonderful!

Okay, right now dealing with this question
We have spent a lot of time discussing this
At present we still have six lights still in operation
Let’s take a look at his friends
How do his friends evaluate Murdering Cloud Superior

Interview with Friend:
The great thing about Murdering Cloud Superior
Is all about how he treats girls with such generosity
Take me, for instance, one of his good friends in his inner circle
This year for my birthday
I said I wanted a SLK200
And he gave it to me
But he treats girls …(can’t be hear over the roar of lights being put out)
Even a bottle of water…

Generally speaking
When this solemn and stirring music
Thunders forth
The stage is quiet
Why did the whole stage burst forth with applause?
Come give us an explanation

Thank Dictionary Corn:
You and her are just
Very naïve! Your relationship with her is that of “friends”
Friends don’t give each other sport cars as gifts!

“Pan Goldenrain Tree”(?)
So what do you give your girlfriend as a gift?

Cloud Superior:
Take a guess

Thank Dictionary Corn:
Two sport cars?

Cloud Superior:
I don’t think words could be said that way (“I don’t think you can say it that way” – but it seems different in meaning to say it like that)
Since the two of us together
Have been through a lot together
In my most difficult times
She has helped me
I have benefited from being with her
so what’s a few sport cars?

Military Sound of Wind and Rain

Sound of Wind and Rain:
We two are in the same line of work
But your capital is from your parents
Mine is by me earning it myself
But what I earned myself
I won’t act like the show-off you are
What you earned and what your parents gave you
Spent the feeling, isn’t the same (?)

Okay, this discussion has neared its end
I think, because all the lights have been put out
This situation with Murdering Cloud Superior
Right now anything you have to say about him
Is more or less meaningless
Alas, such a pity, Murdering Cloud Superior

(Failure: Retreating)

Cloud Superior:
A lot of people were hypocritical, I think
I think they deep down
Honestly don’t think that way
I don’t know if deep down
If they will leave me their phone numbers
If they will come seek me out
Because I think
What’s so bad about being rich?
I’m not being petty, I don’t want to spoil them
I also don’t want to pay attention to whomever she is
I just want to find the girl of my dreams
I think she hasn’t appeared
Because she hasn’t been honest enough with herself

Host: (final thought)
Life is an abundance of colors
People come in all types and varieties
On our stage
We will see every type and every kind of person
Who treat life, money, and love
All with different attitudes.